The Armed Forces History Museum would like to extend a special thanks to Maggi Veterans Solutions for their generous support and sponsorship at this year’s USA – Spirit of America event, which was held at the museum on Friday, September 7, 2012.  Without Maggi’s generous contribution, the event would not have been possible.  The evening was not only an entertaining tribute to the WWII Big Band Era but also served as a vital fundraiser for the museum.  Each year the AFHM hosts a number of events to raise funds for their education program.  The funds from this program allow the museum to sponsor field trips for schools who would be unable to visit.  It is community support, such as the sponsorship provided by Maggi, which enables the museum to continue their outreach into the community and to fulfill their mission statement:


The Armed Forces History Museum is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit IRS approved charitable organization dedicated to preserving history and providing education to the public of the many sacrifices made to protect our freedom.  The museum is committed, through its collections and outreach, to being a vital partner in the cultural life of the Tampa Bay and Central Florida communities and strives to achieve this goal through the highest professional standards in keeping with military tradition.          


Maggi Veteran’s Solutions is a Tax Advisory & Financial Group dedicated to serving veterans and providing valuable information regarding the Veteran Affairs “Aid and Attendance Pension,” a federal assistance program offering monthly support to veterans, spouses and surviving spouses of veterans.  Through their partnership with professionals across the nation, Maggi will assess, at no cost to veterans and surviving spouses, eligibility for the benefits and evaluate the best course of action to qualify for federal long-term care assistance.  Maggi Veterans Solutions complimentary services may help veterans and surviving spouses earn up to $1,950 per month tax free.  They have held seminars regarding their services at the Armed Forces History Museum.  Several upcoming seminars are being planned.  Visit the Armed Forces History Museum’s web-site at for updated information on this and other scheduled events.


3 Responses to A Special Thanks to Maggi Veterans Solutions

  1. TERRENCE COLE says:

    Hello I am a Vietnam vet, I applied once for a va loan for a house and received the paperwork and approval but the mortgage and real estate company kept the paperwork that was in about 1997. I moved out of state and I did not use the va loan, I wonder if I am still approved or would I have to re-apply? it is hard to get any information, ive try to find out how to get ahold of the va but even on the computer I seem to go around in circles, can you tell me how do I get a hold of the Va? it used to be easy now it seems hard, Thank You Terry Cole

    • alon2392 says:

      I’ll check with some of our personnel Terrence and see if anyone can provide any information.

    • alon2392 says:

      Hi Terry:

      I have sent you an email regarding your inquiry. If is not in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder. You can also email me at and provide me with the branch of service you served in and where you are currently residing, and we’ll see if we can assist with directing you to the appropriate VA Service Center.

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