B2 SpiritIntroduction

The B2 Spirit is a multi role bomber capable of carrying conventional and nuclear munitions.  The unique stealth capabilities allow these aircraft to penetrate the most advanced enemy defense systems. The sophisticated defensive systems make it very difficult to detect, track and engage this aircraft.  Each operational B-2 is named after a state.  The B-2 carries a crew of 2 pilots.  The B1B had a crew of 4, the B52 had a crew of 5.  This plane was developed initially in 1981 by the USAF.  The first flight of the B-2 was July 17,1989.
Specifications for the B2 Spirit Airplane:

  • Engines - 4 GE F-118-GE-100
  • Range - Intercont.(unfurled)
  • Thrust - 17,300 lb ea. engine
  • Prime contractor-Northrop
  • Length - 69 ft.
  • Grumman Military Aircraft Systems
  • Height - 17 ft.
  • Wingspan - 172 ft.
  • Other key members of team:  Boeing Military Airplanes Co.
  • Speed - High subsonic
  • Ceiling - 50,000 ft.
  • Hughes Radar Systems Grp.
  • GE Aircraft Engine Grp.


Nuclear                                Conventional

16B61                                        80MK82

8 GBU 27

16 B83                                      16MK84


16AGM-129 ACM                    36 CBU87                   8 AGM-154


16AGM-131 SRAM 2               36 CBU89                   8 AGM-137



The B2 Spirit is a versatile modern day aircraft.