United States Army collectibles are some of the most popular items among hobbyists. However, in order to make something a collectible it has to come from a special place in history. WWII army collectibles in particular are perhaps the most sought after of army collectibles due to the significant impact WWII had on our country and the world. Army collectibles range from helmets, badges, guns, medals, ID tags and photographs. Family members of fallen soldiers will often collect memorabilia as a memorial to their loved ones. Collectors have shown a form of appreciation by purchasing collectibles from the various World Wars as a way of remembering our countries great history.

Army Collectible Badges

Collectible Army badges are some of the most popular military collectibles.  There are badges that honor specific brigades that played important parts in the War. Some other badges that are very popular are those given to specific soldiers who performed a specific task and excelled at army-collectiblesit.  Some great examples of this are a US Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge, US Army Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge, US Army General Badge and even an Army Bugler Hat Badge.  In most cases the older the badge is the more money it sells for.

Collectible Army Helmets

WWI and WWII Army helmets are also very popular collectibles.  These unique items can be worth a lot of money if they are authentic.  There are various kinds of helmets worn by the US military which give collectors a variety of items to choose from. Some of the most popular helmets include Steel US Army infantry helmets, WWII Army Air Corp helmets, and even the WWI iron US Army helmet.

Collectible Army Medals

In many cases these are some of the most popular military collectibles.  Army medals are very rare as they were only given out for specific reason or achievements.  In most cases soldiers who have received these medals rarely want to part with them.  This makes them even harder to find and very valuable.  Collectible Army medals were given out in every war the United States has taken part in including the Gulf War.

Collectible Army Photographs

Military photographs have also become popular collectibles.  WWI and WWII photographs have become very hard to find in recent years.  They are also very hard to find in good condition.  The better the condition the more the photograph can be worth.  Army photographs of celebrities, athletes, and key military figures are some of the most valuable.  Some examples of celebrity Army photographs include those of Elvis Presley, Ted Williams and Clark Gable.

Army collectibles can be very valuable.  Make sure the items you purchase are authentic.  You can also see some amazing examples of unique military items when you come visit us at the Armed Forces History Museum.