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Pictured here is a British Spitfire airplane designed in the l930’s and began flying in early March 1936.  Over a period of time this aircraft was modified and improved many times.  During WWII the Spitfire proved itself a match for the German Messerschmitt BF109 as it was refitted with a metal propeller, a Merlin type 2 or 3 1030 hp engine and armament of eight 303 machine guns in the wings.  This aircraft series was subdivided into MkIa & MKIb depending on the armament.   (Article continued below)


Models of this British Spitfire are in stock at the Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL.


$13.95, British Spitfire WWII Fighter Plane  

Note:  Shipping for this item is for continental United States only.  Please call our museum store at (727) 539-8371 ext. 101 or email


Model Specifications for the British Spitfire:

  • Manufacturer:  In Air®, EZ Build Model™
  • Skill Level 1
  • Scale:  1:72
  • Model Length:  7 ½ inches (approx.)
  • Model Wingspan:  9 inches (approx.)
  • The British Spitfire model comes complete with everything you need including a display stand for viewing and/or collecting.  It is not intended as a toy.
  • Warning: This model and is not recommended for children under the age of 3 (or any child prone to swallowing small parts.)


(Article continued from above)

The MKIb had 4 x 30’s and 2 x 20 mm cannon.  Subsequent Spitfire designs resulted in the MKV Spitfire series – MKVa, MKVb, MKIX, MKXVI, MKV III and the Griffon Spitfire MKXII, MKXIV.  The Griffon series had significantly over 2000 hp and capable of speeds of over 400 mph.


Specifications for the MKIa and MK9 Fighter Planes

Spitfire MKIa       

Engine-Rolls Royce Merlin , 2V-12, 1020 hp

Top Speed 346 mph @ med altitude

Weapons-8X Browning 303 mg



Engine:  Rolls Royce Merlin, 61V-12, 1565 hp

Top Speed 408 mph @ med. Altitude

2 x Hispano 20 mm cann.

4 x Browning 303mg


4 Responses to British Spitfire WWII Fighter Plane

  1. Bonnie Stevenson says:

    Please can you tell me does this come fully assembled? Also, I need to know the dimensions.

  2. alon2392 says:

    Bonnie: This model does not come assembled. The model both snaps and screws together and a screwdriver is included. The scale is a 1:72 and is not recommended for children under three or any child prone to swallowing small parts. The kit comes with a display stand and final dimension from front to back is approx. 5-6″. We apologize that we did not respond to you sooner.

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