Collecting military dog tags from all eras, branches of the military and countries is a past time enjoyed by many.  Along with the intrigue of the tags themselves, and the many different styles and eras from which they originate, many collectors also enjoy collecting dog tags because they do not take up much room and are easy to display.

The Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL sells authentic military dog tags.  Dog tags from all eras are also displayed throughout the museum in the dioramas that correlate with the history of the tag itself.  You can purchase your own set of custom military dog tags on-line by using the link below.

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Sources for Collecting Military Dog Tags

Dog tags are worn by all servicemen in all branches of the military.  Dating back to the Civil War era, a collector has quite a large time frame from which to collect.  Some may focus on a specific era, such as World War II, or a specific branch of the military when collecting dog tags, while others seek to collect any form of military dog tag from any time frame. 

If you are just beginning a collection, antique shops can sometimes be a good source for military dog tags. If they do not carry them, ask if they might be able to direct you to an appropriate source.  Auctions can be another source for acquiring dog tags.  Because of the personal nature of the item, they generally cost a bit more in this type of setting. 

Another good, local source for dog tags could be garage and/or estate sales.  Check your newspaper’s classified section.  This source often provides you with the opportunity to also collect information from the owner, which adds to the uniqueness of both the item and the overall collection. 

Finally, on-line is another viable source when collecting military dog tags.  Just be sure you are buying from a reputable person and/or dealer. 

Consider having your own set of dog tags made to add to your collection.  You can have them made using the same information the military provides on their dog tags.  You can also have your own message imprinted on the tags, where your creativity is limited only by the number of lines and spaces.  Dog tags make great gifts for kids too!

So whether you enjoy collecting military dog tags as an investment or simply as a hobby, with so many aspects and resources available, it is important to always be patient.



3 Responses to Collecting Military Dog Tags

  1. shelece says:

    I have dog tags just like the ones you have in your hand in the photo. Can you tell me more about them? What war, what part of the world are they from?, what are they made of? My son found our in a thrift store in Australia.

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. Wow! What a great piece of history to find. I have sent your question, along with the photo to our historian. Will be in touch as soon as I hear something. Thanks for visiting our web-site.

    • alon2392 says:

      Just heard back from our historian, what you have are dog tags used by Australian Army during WWII.

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