US Military patches are one of the most collectible items of military memorabilia.  Many of the individuals who collect military patches do so because of the history associated with them.  Despite the wide range of military patches that have surfaced since they were first used in WWI, a number of the pieces are still rare and will often command a relatively high price. 



When collecting patches becomes a passion due to the history associated with them, collectors will often do a significant amount of research to learn as much about the history behind the patches they are collecting, or use what they learn to determine which patches they wish to add to their collection.  When a particular patch is rare, finding a photograph with the patch will sometimes increase the overall value of the patch.


Purchasing Rare US Military Patches

A collector should always purchase their memorabilia from a reputable source that provides the them with the condition of the item.  Grading systems are sometimes provided to give the purchaser an idea of where the item he is purchasing falls in comparison to other items of greater and/or lesser quality.    Once the collector receives the item, he should thoroughly inspect his purchase and make note and report anything he feels was not disclosed.


Preserving a Collection 

Most important, a collector should always familiarize himself with how to properly preserve the items he is collecting.  If the proper steps are not taken, items such as US military patches can continue to deteriorate at a more rapid speed, thus limiting the potential increase in its value.

Careful consideration should be given as to how the collection is displayed.  It is also equally important to catalogue all your purchases – including where it was purchased from, when, the quality and value at the time of purchase and any other pertinent information that will lend to the credibility and price increase of the item.

Whether you are collecting US Military patches in general, or are seeking simply patches that are rare, special steps should always be taken to ensure your purchase increases in value with time. 



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