Collecting US Military Memorabilia is one of the most popular types of antique collecting.  When choosing to collect US Military Memorabilia, a number of options are available.  The term memorabilia covers a wide range of items and even categories.  Within each category are a number of sub-categories.  One such example would be US military uniforms.  A collector may choose a particular branch of uniform, or even a specific era – such as WWII.  Some collectors limit their purchases to either field uniforms or dress uniforms and the accompanying items.


What You Need To Know About Collecting

Collectors should consider a number of things before embarking upon their collection journey.

1)      What do you specifically want to collect?
2)      Should you narrow your collection to a more specific theme?
3)      Do you have enough room to allow your collection to grow?
4)      Do you specific goals for your collection?
5)      Have you done any research on the item(s) you wish to collect?
6)      Do you have a plan on how to display your collection?
7)      Do you know how to preserve the item properly so it maintains (or gains optimal) value?
8)      How much can you afford to invest in your collection?


Reputable Sources

Also, when starting a collection, make certain the sources from which you purchase are reputable and proper paperwork or some type of information can be provided to authenticate the item(s) purchased.  The more information you have about the item, the greater its value.

Buy the best quality item you can afford and be prepared to take the necessary measures to ensure its value continues to rise.


Catalogue Your Purchases

Many collectors use a simple 3×5 file card method to catalogue their purchases.  This ensures that all the information about the item – including date of purchase and who it was purchased from – can be easily accessed.  Notes can also be made on the card about any historical information the collector might know (or have collected) about the item(s) purchased.

If you are seriously considering collecting US Military Memorabilia, the information above will be helpful as you begin to formulate a plausible plan, outline a set of goals, keep and maintain accurate records and maintain a nominal financial cap for both purchasing and properly preserving your collection.


7 Responses to Collecting US Military Memorabilia

  1. joy sweigart says:

    I am looking to purchase a USMC WWII challenge coin for my father who is retired from the Corps. I would appreciate your advise and suggestions as to where I can purchase a coin, approximately how much I should look do spend and where I can find one.
    Thank you

    • alon2392 says:

      Hi Joy: Wish I could help you, but I really do not know. I will check with our historian and see if he can offer any direction. I will let you know as soon as I hear from him. Thanks for visiting our web-site and taking the time to post your inquiry.

      • alon2392 says:

        Looks like it would be best to Google “WWII commemorative challenge coins” and see if you can find something you like. Our historian said $10 would be the average price. Good luck. The AFHM would like to extend its appreciation to your father for his service.

  2. william ward says:

    have looked everywhere for a hat band worn by the u.s.a. military/army from 1830 through 1850,help

    • alon2392 says:

      Wow! That’s a tall order. Wish we could. I’d do Google searches as well as check E-Bay and Amazon. Never hurts to seek out private collectors. Thank you for visiting our web-site. Good luck in your search.

  3. CARL CASEY says:


    • alon2392 says:

      I do not know, but maybe someone visiting the website can provide you with some information. Have you tried looking it up via various website search engines?

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