WWII-uniforms Pic 1Militaria items from over the centuries are still highly sought after by collectors.  Some collectors will focus on a particular era – such as World War II – while others may choose to narrow their collection to a specific country – such as the United States.  The two can be combined to narrow the overall focus of the collection – United States, WWII Militaria.  Oftentimes, a collector will narrow his field of interest even more so by focusing on specific types of items such as documents, personal/hand-written letters, uniforms, bayonets, patches, etc.


More and more collectors today are taking an interest in collecting militaria, especially with the dying off of one of the greatest generations to ever grace our military – the WWII veterans.  A renewed interest in Civil War memorabilia has also recently resurfaced with a dominating interest in Confederacy items.  This would include sabers, swords and personal items carried by well-known Confederate soldiers.  When the history of an item can be validated, the value of the item increases significantly.


civil-war Pic 2Insignia

Military insignia used by the Special Forces of the US Army is another area many collectors are looking to for a number of reasons.  First, insignia does not require a lot of storage or display space.  But more so, the interest in this area has increased due to the sharp rise in value in recent markets for some of these items.


Protecting Militaria Items

When collecting militaria, proper preservation is of utmost importance.  Papers, as well as textile items, should always be stored or displayed in an environment that is acid WWII-papers-preserved Pic 3free and provides UV protection.  Other objects such as metal require a different type of environment for preservation.  Metal collectibles, whether they are being displayed or stored, should be in an area that is climate controlled.  Collectors should always thoroughly research proper means of safeguarding their collection.  Proper preservation will ensure the items maintain their maximum value – a vital aspect for collectors of militaria.



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