custom-military-dog-tagsOrder a custom set of authentic military dog tags with silencers from the Armed Forces History Museum today.  They make great pet identification tags as well.


$12.95, Custom Dog Tag

 Note that shipping is for continental US only.  Please call (727) 539-8371 ext. 110 or email if you would like a quote to ship outside the United States.



Customize a dog tag for yourself and one for your pet(s) as a unique means of identification.  Proper pet identification protects you and your pet from the anguish of being seperated needlessly.  Safeguard your pet with a custom set of authentic military dog tags.

Not only are dog tags are a great way to provide pet protection, they can also be used to protect personal items such as backpacks, computer bags, luggage and key chains.  They can also be used to provide pertinent medical information.  Having a military themed birthday party for your child?  Dog tags make great party favors for your child’s guests.


After you click on the Buy Now button, you’ll be given the opportunity to input the information you would like inscribed on you and/or your pets tags.

Note that shipping is for continental US only.  Please call (727) 539-8371 ext. 110 or email if you would like a quote to ship outside the United States.


$12.95, Custom Dog Tag


Brief Look at the History of Military Dog Tags

Dog tags are an important part of military gear for US Military Personnel.  Dog Tags were originally worn to identify military personnel killed or injured in battle.  Along with the personal information of the bearer, it also provides religious preference and necessary medical information in case of treatment.  Tags are always issued in sets of two.  In the event a soldier is killed, the first tag remains with the body to ensure identification while the second tag is collected for proper recording with the Armed Forces.


The history of dog tags dates as far back as the Civil War when soldiers would write down pertinent idenfitication and contact information on paper and pin it to the inside of their uniform.  At the start of World War I, an aluminum tag with hand stamped information was provided but it wasn’t until after World War II, when the U.S. Navy adopted the practice of using the same shape and size tag as the ones used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air force, that the American dog tag became standardized.  Dog tags evolved once again during the Vietnam War when silencers became part of the standard dog tag issue.


Other countries such as Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, East Germany, France, Greece, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom (just to name a few) also utilize dog tags.  Each country’s tags vary somewhat in shape and size, and even the information required.


Dog Tags for Civilians

Though once only available to those enlisted in the miltary, civilians can now purchase authentic military dog tags.  Several companies offer various shapes, colors and sizes, but only one shape, size and color is appropriate when seeking authentic military dog tags such as those sold by the AFHM.

Authentic dog tags are made from stainless steel and consist of five lines of information:  Last name, first name and middle initial, serial number, blood type and religion.  The information put on a civilian dog tag is limited only by the imagination and the five lines and ten spaces per line available.  Those who have not served in the military can use their date of birth rather than the serial number.


Why Purchase Authentic Military Dog Tags

Military dog tags can be used for a number of reasons when purchased by a civilian.   Youth interested in the military often like to have the branch they are interested in inscribed on the dog tag or the branch their parent serves (or has served) in.

Dog tags can be worn as part of a fashion statement or to serve a specific purpose – such as identification information.  They also make an excellent, inexpensive party favor for a military themed birthday party.  While dog tags are widely available across the internet, not all of them are authentic military dog tags.  So, be careful and look closely before you purchase.

Today, many people use custom military dog tags to show their support of a particular cause, express their feelings and beliefs, or simply enjoy the stylish fashion.  While colors, shapes and sizes can be fun, if you are looking for truly authentic Dog Tags purchase them at Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, Florida.

$12.95, Custom Dog Tag


10 Responses to Custom Military Dog Tags with Silencers

  1. john chiodi says:

    Can you make old Navy dog tags. My mom was in the Navy Reserve during WW2, and I lost hers, they were the round dog tags. Thank you John Chiodi

  2. Brian White says:

    Hi, I am looking to get authentic, duplicate dog tags for my father and father-in-law. They were both in the US Navy during WWII. I cannot manipulate your online ordering to accommodate my request. Advice?

    • alon2392 says:

      I am sorry you had some problems with purchasing dog tags on-line, but we would be happy to assist you. You can contact William at (727) 539-8371 ext. 101, or email him at He’ll be happy to take down all the necessary information and process the order for you. Would you be so kind as to take a moment and write me about your experience ( This will assist me in rectifying the situation. We appreciate your taking the time to bring this matter to our attention. Please know that all of us here at the Armed Forces History Museum appreciate your father and father-in-law’s service.

  3. Dennis Beardsley says:

    Can you make Dog Tags with medical info.on it?

    • alon2392 says:

      Yes, as long as the information can be contained on five lines with roughly ten spaces on each line. Depending on the info, we can sometimes fit 12 per line.

  4. Jayme Wilke says:

    I am looking to find the WW2 round Navy Dog tags. I am putting together a shadow box for my father and didn’t want to use the oblong ones since his originals were round.

    • alon2392 says:

      Unfortunately, our dog tag machine is the one currently used by the military and therefore does not replicate the round WWII Navy tags. Have you tried some of the on-line stores that make dog tags. It seems some of them are able to do some customizing, but I don’t know how much. The link below (though it says USMC) does list Navy as well. I hope this help.

  5. Jeannie says:

    Just was given my father’s WWII oval dog tags. Through your site, I have found out the meaning of everything on the tag except there is USNR. J. I see the R means reserves, never knew he was in the reserves, know he was active duty in Leyte Gulf and N. Africa. What could the J mean. He was Jewish, though doesn’t seem like it would have been a good idea to be identified as such during WWII?
    How can I find out more about his service record, he and my mother are both deceased and never talked much about his service. I do know he was a pharmacist mate.
    Thanks for any help.

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