Czechoslovakia’s semi-automatic CZ 75 pistol was initially introduced in 1975.  This weapons is considered by some to be one of the top pistols in the world.  The CZ 75 is all-steel construction and features a staggered-column magazine and a hammer forged barrel.  The pistol’s quality and versatility, couple with its modest price, has earned it a favorable reputation among shooters.  The weapon gained huge notoriety when two US shooters used an Italian designed pistol based on the CZ 75 to win the IPSC World Championship.  Previous winners of this competition had all used pistols which were based on the 1911 format designed by John Moses Browning.



Design Features of the CZ 75

The CZ 75 was designed by Ceska zbrojovka in 1975.  This 9 x 19mm Parabellum, high capacity pistol features a manual safety comparable to the Browning Hi-Power.  Most CZ-75 models can be fired in both a single and a double action mode.


  •             In Service:  1976 to present day
  •             Production History:  1976 to present day
  •             Weight:  2.47 lbs.
  •             Length:  8.1 inches
  •             Barrel Length:  4.7 inches
  •             Width:  1.3 inches
  •             Height:  5.4 inches
  •             Cartridge:
  •                         9 x 19mm Parabellum
  •                         9 x 21mm
  •                         .40 S & W
  •             Action:  Short recoil / tilting barrel
  •             Effective Range:  165 feet

Over 30 variants have emerged since the introduction of Czechoslovakia’s CZ-75 semi-automatic pistol.  Clones and copies were also manufactured.  A patent on the pistol only provided partial protection as they had failed to obtain a world patent protection.  As a result, a number of manufacturers began producing their own CZ 75 design.


Nine countries have used Czechoslovakia’s Semi-Automatic CZ-75 pistol (or its clones) over the years, including the United States where it is used by a number of police departments throughout the country and also the military’s Delta Force.