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The Armed Forces History Museum is dedicated to preserving military history and educating students and the public at large of the many sacrifices made to maintain our freedom. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that relies on individual and corporate financial support to carry out our mission.  The museum is committed through its collections and outreach, to being a vital partner in the cultural life of the Tampa Bay and Central Florida communities and strives to achieve this goal through the highest professional standards in keeping with military tradition.  The support received also assists with maintaining our extensive exhibits, programs and daily operations.
The museum has a collection of over of 100,000 artifacts currently on display. Your donation assists with offsetting the expense associated with acquiring and maintaining these displays.  Because the museum is a not for profit organization, your monetary and/or memorabilia donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.  The Armed Forces History Museum is the largest military museum in the Southeast that does not receive any government funding.  We rely strictly on donations.  Please consider making a donation.  Any amount is humbly accepted and greatly appreciated.
NOTE:  Personal information gathered by AFHM is kept in confidence and is not distributed to other organizations.

Raytheon executives Tom Cangley (left) and Pat Speake show their support for AFMM with a corporate donation to help cover the cost of the Vietnam Firebase exhibit.



Operaton:  Education

Education and Duffle Bag Sponsorships

You can make a difference!
Sponsor an Educational Program or Duffle Bag Program today!

Knowledge is Power

Give the Gift of Education




Become a part of something unprecedented and give the gift of education and knowledge. At the Armed Forces History Museum, we are committed to preserving military history and providing education to our youth. As they begin to understand the past, they become better equipped to prepare for their future. Introducing: Operation: Education.


Due to the economic climate, the rising costs of transportation and food, and lack of integral history in our school systems, field trips are becoming more and more challenging. The Armed Forces History Museum believes youths should learn about the sacrifices of others in defending the common good, while emphasizing character development and civic virtue. We need your help in providing these critical opportunities.


For just $1,000, you can provide a worthwhile educational field trip to youths in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the Tampa Bay region and surrounding counties. During their field trip, they will be led by an educated and knowledgeable docent through Pearl Harbor, the South Pacific, Germany, a French Village and more. Students also receive educational postcards filled with facts about history and our exhibits to take back to the classroom for further learning.


Your tax deductible donation will provide admission to the Armed Forces History Museum, bus transportation for 40+ students and a healthy lunch. Imagine contributing to providing powerful knowledge to our youths. In exchange, you’ll receive exposure via press releases, announcements to institutions of learning, a banner prominently displayed in the Museum the day of your
field trip and a special thank you and certificate from the students.


Join our Operation! Education initiative today. Call Cindy Bosselmann, Director of Marketing & Promotional Events at (727) 539-8371 ext. 106 for your opportunity to give the gift of education. Knowledge is power.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey


Also supported by the Pinellas County Director of Social Studies is the AFHM’s Duffle Bag Program. This program is used as a supplement to the classroom about World War I, World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War. The duffle bags were developed as part of the museum’s mission to educate students, in addition to commemorate, acknowledge, and affirm the role played by veterans in America’s military.


Duffle Bag School Supporter - $500

  • Free unlimited to the museum for one year* for one individual
  • Electronic newsletter
  • Six (6) one-day use guest passes*
  • Four (4) complimentary tickets to 2 AFHM produced events**
  • SHARE program (Thru 12/31/2012)
  • Your name embroidered on the AFHM Duffle Bag used for our History in the Classroom program used at schools throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties

* Unlimited admission for individuals and guest passes are good for museum admission only.

** Excludes Golf Tournament and Poker Tournament

If you wish to become a Duffle Bag Sponsor, please contact Cindy Bosselmann at (727) 539-8371 ext. 107 or by email at


Display Sponsorships:

Salute to Service Gallery Displays

Firearms & Ordnance Gallery

WW1 Trench Army Display Case

WW1 Trench Marine Display Case

World War I Trench (Entire Exhibit)

Pearl Harbor/South Pacific/WWII

South Pacific USMC Exhibit

US Navy Gallery

Navy Periscope Exhibit

D-Day Landing Beach/Utah Beach

Korean War Exhibit

Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh Trail

Iraq/Suddam Hussein’s Uniform Display

MiG-21 Supersonic Jet Exhibit

Ask about benefits of being a Display Sponsor.

Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Positions Available

Volunteers are an integral part of the museum and are very important to our success. Volunteers reap wonderful rewards, such as new friends, personal growth, and most of all, the satisfaction that comes from knowing that they have made an important contribution to preserving military history.

There are many volunteer opportunities at The Armed Forces History Museum. We encourage you to contact us to learn more or ask questions. Work schedules can be tailored to fit your availability. Some opportunities available are:

Museum Gallery Guardians: Greets, meets and assist visitors. They are stationed throughout the museum at displays and exhibits. They must have a good, general knowledge of the museum.  A thorough orientation, educational materials, instructional video and at least 4 hours training will be provided.

Museum Volunteer Outreach Ambassadors: Represents the museum at outside events including festivals, conventions, and other community events that promote membership and museum information.

Museum Event Assistants: Assists with events on site from set-up to various positions during the event.  Most events are in the Officers’ Club, but some are throughout the museum or outside on the grounds.

Administrative Volunteers: Assists with maintaining the organization’s files and records. Can include data input or inventory control.

Museum Store Associates: Assists with retail sales, cleaning and inventory control within the Museum Store. Must have an outgoing personality.

Museum Maintenance Assistants: Assists with keeping the 50,000 sq. ft. museum areas and exhibits clean and safe.

Museum Fundraising Ambassadors: Assist with fundraising activities, ideas and promotions. Research, writing, and event assistance may be needed.

Museum Docents:  Docents are the most advanced and knowledgeable about the museum. They serve as museum tour guides and educators. They should have Museum Gallery Guardian experience and their duties may include: meeting and greeting individual visitors, leading them through the museum, and discussing the various displays that are available for viewing. Experience is not necessary but interest and enthusiasm are important. A thorough orientation, educational materials, instructional video and at least 10 hours training will be provided. Military and non-military men and women are welcome.

Bill and Dave 2012

Pictured above are
Bill Allen and Dave Hanson the 2012 Volunteers of the Year

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Application, and fax to 727-524-4967.


*All volunteers are subject to a background screening


16 Responses to Support

  1. Pat Moran says:

    My father was a Captain in the Army Air Corps serving in North Africa and Italy, 1942-1945. I have his Uniform jacket. Is this something you would be interested in?

    • alon2392 says:

      Hi Pat,

      We are always have our collections specialist look at each donation to deteremine if we are able to accept them into accession for collection. If you are interested, you can bring your items to the museum and the front desk will help you fill out the paperwork or you can contact Kevin Shorter at 727-539-8371 ext. 111 if you would like to make an appointment for dropoff.

  2. alon2392 says:

    Sorry for the delay Andy. I will be forwarding this information on to the correct people and we will get back with you shortly. WE appreciate your considering the museum.

  3. alon2392 says:

    Hi Andy: Sorry it has taken a couple days to get back with you. We would be honored to be the recipients of the the models you list. If possible, please bring them to the museum and check in at the front desk. They’ll be able to make note of the receipt and will have you complete the donation form. If you need any further assistance, please give us a call (727) 539-8371. Thank you again!

  4. Tim Shea says:

    I have been building a 1/35 scale tiger tank diorrama and was hoping that you would be interested to take it from me upon completion…it is a ww2 tiger tank early afriks korps scene and I am also building others.I have been to you museum several times and have been awestruck by the detail and the amount of accuracy put into the scenes and all of the components ..I would be honored if you would consider my diorrama as a part of your collection..I have pics and any other docs you might need…I am 45 and have been building for a few years so it will not be a “glue bomb”..Let me know…thanks for your time Tim Shea.

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you Tim. We are honored that you would consider us. Could you send me some pictures at along with some dimensions. I’ll forward them on to the proper personnel and see if it is something we are able to display. It sounds awesome. Thank you for your kind words regarding the museum and its displays.

  5. Ken Schwietert says:

    We visited in January 2012. It was fascinating. We recently
    found a Navy life vest from WW. II. that belonged to my father. Is this something that you would like to have. We can send it was.

    • alon2392 says:

      Let me check on this and I will email you a response. Thank you for visiting our web-site and for thinking of us in regards to this Navy life vest from WWII that ws your fathers. WE thank you so much for visiting the museum and so pleased you enjoyed it. The staff here at the AFHM are appreciative of your father’s service.

  6. Margaret Pesce says:

    My recently deceased brother, a Vietnam Veteran (he also served a tour of duty in Germany), has his Army uniform and the family would like to donate it to the Museum. We live out-of-state but are coming to Largo/Clearwater, FL on March 20th for a week to deal with my brother’s estate. It is dusty from sitting in his closet but we are willing to get it dry cleaned if necessary.
    Thank you, Margaret Pesce (proud daughter of an Iwo Jima survivor and sister to 2 veterans of the Vietnam conflict)

    • alon2392 says:

      First, on behalf of the AFHM a very special thanks and huge salute to everyone in your family who have served in the military in support of this great country. Next, our condolences on the loss of your brother. Regarding the uniform, you can bring it to the museum and they will have you fill out a donation form. Being a non-profit, having it dry cleaned would be helpful, but is not necessary. Hope you can visit the museum while you are here. We have a WWII USMC – South Pacific diorama featuring the voice of an Iwo Jima survivor who saw the flag being raised.

      Thank you again for contacting us. If you would like any additional information, you can email

  7. charlie says:

    Hi ,I have a working World War 2 clock, and wanted to know more information about the ship it came from.It is a German World War 2 clock(it has a Swaztika on it) , and one clock repair man a long time ago told me it came from a German destroyer stationed in the Mediterranean sea 1945.I wonder how he knew and how can I find out more info about the ship.There is a number on the clock.I want to find more info on it and put it up for sale.The importance of a ship during the war effects the price of the clock.I would like to know if there are World War 2 auctions I can sell it or if you know a collector that might be interested ,thanks.

  8. Bob Widner says:

    I’d like to donate two 11″x14″ color photos of WW II silk maps of the south Pacific islands that were included in USN Air Force survival kits for pilots and aircrews. The photos are full-size of the silk maps. I can mail them if they could be displayed in the museum. Bob Widner

    • alon2392 says:

      Hi Bob: Thank you for considering the AFHM for your generous donation. I have forwarded your information on to the proper personnel and will email you shortly.

  9. John Troy says:

    During World War 1 the dogtags were cardboard. There were lockets that would hold them with a ribbon to pin them to your undershirt.. If you do not have any we will donate. Thank you

    • alon2392 says:

      The museum would gladly accept your donation. I have emailed you and will contact you via phone as well. In the meantime, please check your SPAM and/or Junk folder if the email has not arrived. Unfortunately our mail is often sent to those folders. Thank you again.

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