Communications RoomThe World War II Communications Room at the Armed Forces History Museum transports visitors back in time as they join a young military lad inside his tent sending out messages using authentic World War II communications equipment.  He sits at a US Army Folding Field Desk and is surrounded by a number of era pieces including a US WWII Western Union telegraph, a US Artillery Range Finder, a US Army Switchboard with telegraph keys and a US Army Signal Generator.


Communications Room WSA number of other items presented in this diorama are also quite archaic compared to today’s methods of communication.  The communications room not only accurately represents the era but also serves as a reminder of just how far technology has evolved in a relatively brief period of time.  This diorama serves as an excellent learning tool, as many of the youths that come through the museum are not even vaguely familiar with the communication equipment housed inside this display.


Communications Rations Display WSDisplay cases flank each side of the tent.  One has a number of communication memorabilia including a General Staff Car Lantern, a signaling flashlight with colored discs, a WWII Radio Receiver, a Ship phone with ringer and a US Army Field Phone.  As with many of the display cases throughout the museum, this case is lined with a number of enlarged vintage photos showcasing the use of communications during the World War II era.


The second display case has a wide variety of canteen items and equipment.  A number of authentic k-rations are presented along with some large as well as personal sized cooking pots and utensils.  The box of Cracker Jacks is quite unique to this display and often awakens fond memories of many of the museum visitors.


Audio accompanies his World War II Communications Room bringing it to life with just the push of a button.

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