NOTE:  The AFHM will soon be STEM certified.

Compliment your curriculum and enhance your student’s learning experience by bringing your students on an approved Pinellas County Field Trip at the Armed Forces History Museum.  A comprehensive learning experience has been developed by AFHM with the support of the Pinellas County Schools Social Studies Department.

Angie H from St. Petersburg, FL writes – Attended with a field trip and the children loved it.  Our guide was great and loved how he kept the children’s attention!


While at the museum, students will participate in a multi-media educational experience, including descriptive displays, photographs, videos and lifelike dioramas.  Curriculum Field Trip 1 WScovered includes – but is not limited to – history, geography, art, reading and mathematics.  Authentic military artifacts cover military conflicts from WW1 through the current conflicts in the Middle East.  All field trips include a guided tour, museum scavenger hunt and letters to overseas troops.  Tours are suitable for all ages and take approximately one hour.

Download the information below to learn more about our field trip and group savings:

Field Trip and Group Savings

To prepare and enhance your students’ experience, a comprehensive Teacher Lesson Preview – which includes the Florida State Standards – has been approved by the Pinellas County Social Studies Department and is available online free of charge.


Your class may eat lunch in our Officers’ Club at no extra charge.  The students (or school) may provide the meal or ask about our lunch package.

Field Trip Costs (For groups of 10 or more students)

Cost per student (Grades K-8)  $5.00
Cost per student (Grades 9-12)  $8.00
One free teacher (or) adult per 10 students
Extra chaperones are $10.00 each

AFHM is currently seeking sponsorships and grants to offset transportation and other costs associated with Field Trips.

To arrange a field trip, please call Kathy Weed, Sales Coordinator at (727) 539-8371 ext 110 or contact via email at to arrange a date. Tours are suitable for all ages and take approximately 1-2 hours.

Expedite your field trip request by clicking on the link below and filling out the form.

Request A Field Trip

Note:  AFHM is handicap accessible and has on-site parking.  Ample seating and restrooms are located throughout the museum.



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