Italy’s Beretta 92 is considered one of the top semi-automatic pistols of all time.  Designed in 1972, the Beretta 92 was the first in a series (which included the Beretta 96 and Beretta 98).  The many variants and calibers that evolved since its inception are still being used today by Armed Forces around the world.


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Design and History

The Beretta 92s design was based on two previous pistols – the M1922 and the M1951.  The pistol was designed by three gentlemen:  Carlo Beretta, Giuseppe Mazzetti and Vittorio Valle.  Each had advance experience in designing firearms and members of the Beretta design team.  Production on the pistol began in 1976.


The Beretta 92 features an open slide design that assists with ensuring a smooth feeding and ejection of its ammunition.  This particular feature also aids with easy clearing of potential obstructions.  The barrel is made of hard chrome, which minimizes barrel wear and assists with minimizing corrosion.  The Beretta 92 has a block design that provides decent accuracy and operability when using suppressors.  The reversible magazine release button makes it easily adaptable to left-handed operation with the use of a few simple tools.


Beginning around the year 2000, Beretta began using polymer parts on the Beretta 92 and also a polymer coated metal to assist with creating a lighter weapon.


Specifications for the Beretta 92

  • Service History:  1975 to present day
  • Weight:  34 ounces
  • Overall Length:  8.5 inches
  • Barrel Length:  4.9 inches
  • Cartridge:  9 x 19mm Parabellum
  • Muzzle Velocity:  1,250 feet per second
  • Effective range:  50 meters



A number of variants of the Beretta 92 have emerged since its inception in 1975.  Each model is given a name and together, the various options result in more than 50 different configurations. The majority of these variants are identified by their operation caliber.


Italy’s Beretta 92 Semi-Automatic Pistol and its many variants are still used by over 30 nations throughout the world, including the United States armed forces who, in 1985, began using the Beretta 92F variant – M9 – as the replacement for their standard issue M1911 A1.