At the heart of Pinellas County lies a local bay area attraction that should not be overlooked.  The Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL is a  not for profit organization dedicated to preserving our military history and to educate present and future generations on past sacrifices made by our military and the integral part they have played in shaping our nation. 


AFHM offers a variety of things to do and is fun for all ages.  Kids are amazed at the full-sized vehicles displayed throughout the museum.  All visitors to the museum are intrigued that all the vehicles are fully-operational.  In the outdoor display area, visitors will notice what is often mistaken for a tank, but is actually a WWII Reconnaissance Vehicle.  Its large size and turret mounted cannon and machine gun.   What makes this particular vehicle unique to all the others at the museum is the opportunity to step on board and take an “off road” adventure on this World War II vehicle.   View a brief video on the museum’s web-site and then call to make your reservation – 727-539-8371, ext. 103.

                                    WWII M8 Greyhound Video

Families, kids, adults, seniors, retired and active military personnel are all impressed with the extensive collection housed throughout the museum.  The museum is noted for the attention to detail that has gone into replicating the life-sized dioramas displayed throughout its many galleries.  For more information on the various galleries, displays and dioramas, click on the link below which will direct you to the AFHMs interactive map.

                                                Interactive Map

For more information about the museum, hours of operation, admission prices, memberships and directions, visit the home page at


Don’t forget to call ahead and reserve your ride on the WWII M8 Greyhound when visiting the Armed Forces History Museum, which without question, is the best local attraction in Pinellas County.


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