The number of disabled veterans is on the rise and a local organization has been established to assist Florida’s Severely Wounded Warriors.  Donate to the Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC today, a not for profit organization sponsored by the Dept. of FL Marine Corps League.  This fund was established to assist severely wounded warriors and their families.  Even a small donation can make a big difference:




About the Injured Warrior’s Fund of FL, LLC

Your support of this non-profit organization is greatly needed and much appreciated.  The Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC assists in filling the financial gap for our severely injured military servicemen and women and their families offering assistance to all men and women of all branches of the military service.  You can make a difference by making a donation to this distinguished organization.


Number of Wounded Veterans is on the Rise

As of 2008, of the 24 million veterans an estimated 2.9 million are disabled.  With the combination of modern advanced warfare and modern medical advancements, that number is destined to climb along with the escalating costs associated with care.  In today’s military warfare, a quarter of an inch difference on the road can mean disfigurement, loss of limbs and sight or even death due to a hidden road bombs known as IEDs.  With the advancement in medical technology, more severely wounded soldiers are surviving catastrophic injuries which would have killed them just a few years ago.  Along with the physical healing, comes a need to repair the emotional scars.  These severely wounded warriors can spend a lifetime trying to put the pieces of their lives back together.  Government assistance is available, but on a limited basis.  Many of these brave men and women require extensive long-term care, placing a heavy burden on their families.  Several severely injured warriors are left without any direction or assistance. 


Please consider a donation today to the Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC, a local non-profit organization established to assist severely wounded soldiers.