First entering service in 1999, the M1117 Guardian ASV is an armored security vehicle used by the US Army’s Military Police.  The vehicle is produced by Textron Marine & Land Systems.  Initially, the program was almost canceled due to slow initial production of the vehicle.  About 1,700 of these ASVs are still operated today by the United States military.


Design and Variants   

The M1117 Guardian is known for its modular expandable armor system.  The front arc allows additional protection from small arms fire, rocket propelled grenades and even Improvised Explosive Devices.  Under specific conditions, the vehicle has been known to withstand mine blasts.  The air filtration system provides additional protection against chemical and biological attacks, but does not provide adequate protection against nuclear weapons.  The Guardian is not amphibious.


This vehicle is much smaller in terms of the number of personnel.   The M1117 has a crew of three and can carry an additional three troop members.  The vehicle provides doors and roof hatches for entering and exiting.  The Guardian uses a Cummins 6CTA8.3 diesel engine with 260 hp.  The M1117 has a fully independent 4 x 4 wheel suspension.


Larger variants of this vehicle are used as armored personnel carriers with a capacity to transport eight troops.    Other variants are used for ambulance transport, as a command and control vehicle, a reconnaissance vehicle, a recovery vehicle and a mortar carrier.



  • Weight:  29,560 lbs.
  • Length:  19 feet, 9 inches
  • Range:  Operational Range of 440 miles @ 40 miles per hour
  • Speed:  63 miles per hour



Basic M1117 Guardian

  • Mk 19 grenade launcher
  • M2HB Browning machine gun


Amphibious M1117 Guardian

  • M240H Medium Machine Gun


Outside the US, M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicles are used by Bulgaria, Colombia and Iraq.  The United States currently utilizes the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle in Afghanistan.