The Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL is now taking orders for two very unique Cross Ballpoint Pens.  These pens make an excellent gift for any veteran, active military personnel or military enthusiast and have been advertised elsewhere for $79.95.  Order from the AFHM for only $53.45 each – shipping is free in the continental United States.  All others should contact the museum store at (727) 539-8371 ext. 101 or by email at kathy@armedforcesmuseum.

With Christmas right around the corner, be sure to place your order now.  Note:  These are special order pens and will ship within two weeks of order date.  Use the buy button below, or call the museum store @ (727) 539-8371 ext. 101 to place your order.


.50 Cal Cross Ballpoint Pen


This pen features a .50 cal as its base and is highlighted with a marbleized camo design.

$53.45, .50 Cal Shell Cross Ballpoint Pen

Your purchase price of $53.45 includes a gift box and shipping.


.762 Cal, Bolt Action Cross Ballpoint Pen



This Cross Ballpoint Pen has a unique bolt action clip which extracts and retracts the pens tip.

$53.45 .762 Cal Shell Bolt Action Cross Ballpoint Pen

Your purchase price of $53.45 includes a gift box and shipping.


3 Responses to Military Ballpoint Pens

  1. Frank says:

    Great pens, I ordered one.

  2. Ballpoint Pen says:

    lovely..i want to buy this

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you these pens really are beautiful hand crafted, unique pens. You can purchase the pen(s) on-online using the buy button. If you would like it engraved, call William at (727) 539-8371, ext. 101. He can take your order and engraving information. Thank you for visiting our web-site and for your interest in our pens.

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