The Armed Forces History Museum now carries two styles of military crystals. These crystals make great gifts for that special someone on your gift list. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion, show your military loved one support with a military crystal.  The crystals are available for each branch of service, with a special POW/MIA crystal also available in the pyramid style.





These crystals are etched with the name of each branch along with its insignia.  They stand 5″ high and sit on a 3.25″ base.  Each crystal comes with a complimentary gift box.  Shipping is FREE on this item.

Oval Crystals WS Size


$28.95, Oval Military Crystals





These pyramid crystals have the insignia of each branch embedded into the base of the crystal adding a whimsical touch to the ordinary paper weight.  They are 2″ high and have a 2″ squared base.   Each pyramid crystal comes with a complimentary gift box.  Shipping on the pyramid crystals is also free.

Pyramid Crystals WS Size


$24.95, Pyramid Military Crystals









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