Flag Popularity

In recent years, themed garden flags – such as military and support our troops – have become very popular.  The flags can be displayed to reflect a particular holiday or support for a specific cause. Sometimes the flags are chosen simply because of their whimsical nature.  Flags for the yard or garden can make a bold statement as their bright colors catch the eye and create a curiosity in regards to the flag’s theme.


Show Support

Garden flags can be an appropriate way to Support Our Troops.  The flags come in various sizes and colors and are a nominal investment.   Support for the troops can be personalized as military garden flags come in many sizes and designs.  Flags designs range from being red, white and blue and patriotic in nature to representative of each of the branches of our military services.  POW/MIA flags and Yellow Ribbon Support Our Troop Flags are other popular choices.

Supporting our military troops has changed greatly since the outward pouring of World War II.  One popular idea that has evolved recently - and can be used to show support - is the purchase of engraved bricks.  Movements such as Wear Red On Friday or the Yellow Ribbon have also developed in an effort to openly show open support and solidarity.  Many people today refer to military support as the “silent majority”.  Remain silent no longer.  With so many unique and patriotic military garden flags available you can display your support of the U.S. troops that are both home and abroad.