Motion Simulation Theatre

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Unleashing the thrill seeker in all of us!

At the Armed Forces History Museum, the 7-passenger futuristic capsule runs animated video programs with mild to aggressive motion that simulates thrilling races, rides and educational journeys.  Heart pounding action keeps riders on the edge of their seat.  This virtual voyager is similar to those found at Universal Studios.  The fun and the learning here at the museum never stops!


Entertainment Motion Simulator Top Rated Feature Programs


Seahawk – You’ll rock, pitch and jolt your way through a simulated reconnaissance mission during the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima.  Catapult off the deck of a battleship and fly into enemy territory to call back enemy coordinates.  Careful – you will sustain damage to your plane while still under fire.

Desert Storm Strike – Launch off an aircraft carrier as a fighter pilot of an F/A 18 Hornet deployed on a seek and destroy mission over Iraq during the Desert Storm conflict.

Barnstormers – Hold on to your hat as you experience the thrills and excitement as a stunt pilot performing aerial acrobatics during the 1920s.  This barnstorming era makes up the first form of civil aviation in the history of flight.

Grand Prix Raceway – Put on your helmet and ease into your Viper.  Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt.  From the driver’s seat, this sure feels like the real thing.

Volcano Mine Ride – Take a ride through an incredible ore mine built on a planet of bubbling lava and volcanic magma.  Follow twisting tracks as they weave a perilous path through tunnels of hot gases and molten rock.

Wild Africa – Prepare to experience the hyper drive available on our safari shuttle to assist with your intra-space travel to Africa.   As part of this trip, you’ll be testing the new force field shield installed on the safari shuttle.  Hang on, and let’s hope it works!

Haunted Castle – Hang on and try to survive as your ride takes you on a haunted roller coaster adventure.  Watch out!  We never know whose going to make themselves known.

Aqua Ride – Explore liquid space while staying dry in a hydro coaster.  This ride takes you through the depths of an ocean theme park where you’ll see everything from ancient ruins to friendly fish.

Glacier Run – Your senses will be engaged as you ride non-stop through frigid landscapes and glaciers.  This trip through the Arctic region has a bonus – it’s Northern Lights season.

Time Machine – Welcome to the museum of virtual history, where events of the past come to life.  On this ride you can witness anything from dinosaurs as they first tread on the earth to being a part of Christopher Columbus’ maiden voyage as he sets out to discover the new world.



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