Today, the number of severely wounded warriors is on the rise.  Some experts estimate that the cost associated with the catastrophic injuries in Afghanistan is destined to reach a trillion dollars.  In 2009 the US Army reported 47 amputations.  By September of 2010, that number had exceeded 2009s total by 30, equating to more than a 60% rise in amputations – with still three months remaining in the year. 

Severe injuries are on the rise due to the use of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in Afghanistan.  Advancements of modern day medicine and modern military armor have increased the survival rate of our severely wounded warriors.  Survival does not come without a price – both economical and emotional.  The costs are staggering and not all expenses these warriors and their families incur are covered by the government.  Transportation, housing, emergency medical expenses for family members and the loss of a family income are just a few of the additional expenses these families incur.  More importantly, the warrior and his family must abandon the life they once knew and turn their focus to both physical and emotional healing and financial recovery. 



The economic plight that befalls severely wounded soldiers and their families cannot be left solely to the United States government.  As a community, we must be willing to assist these brave men and women with financial support.  A donation to the Injured Warrior’s Fund of FL, LLC is one way you can make a difference.  In Pinellas County Florida alone, if half the residents donated only $1 to the Injured Warrior’s Fund of FL, LLC the results would be $500,000 to assist these brave young men and women and their families. 


The Injured Warriors of FL, LLC is sponsored by the Marine Corps League and assistance is available to any severely wounded man or wound living in the state of Florida and/or his/her family in any military branch.   The organization provides assistance throughout the state of Florida. 


Show your support and let them know they are not alone.  Please consider a donation.  No matter how small, your donation will make a difference.