The Past Comes to Life

Pinellas County is the home of several excellent venues for school field trips, including the Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL.  This venue should be at the top of every teachers list.  When students visit the AFHM, they receive an incredible amount of history presented through detailed interactive displays, dioramas and oral histories.  Students find themselves immersed in the past as it comes to life and helps them to better understand the sacrifices that have been made by the men and women of our armed forces to continue securing our freedom.



Teachers can download an entire curriculum (at no cost) associated with their class’ field trip to AFHM.  The packet includes questions with an answer key, topics for follow-up discussion, fun word games for the students, suggested reading material, information and statistics about the various conflicts and much more.  This comprehensive lesson has been approved by the Pinellas County Social Studies Department and includes Florida State Standards.


About the Museum

The guided tour at the Armed Forces History Museum takes students as far back as World War I as they journey through a smoke filled trench under fire with a WWI Fokker Tri-Plane flying above.  From there, students journey through a diorama recreating the attack on Pearl Harbor, WWII D-Day landing, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War.  Throughout each of these galleries are full-sized, fully-operational tanks, halftracks, jeeps and other military vehicles.  Weapons, uniforms and personal gear are just a part of the extensive collection of historical and military memorabilia at the Armed Forces History Museum.


At the end of the tour, students can enjoy lunch in our Officers’ Club – a partial replica of a Quonset hut located in the heart of the museum.  For more information about field trips to the Armed Forces History Museum in Pinellas County, click on the link below:

Field Trips


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