Korean War Exhibit

The Korean War Exhibits at the Armed forces History Museum include a number of impressive dioramas. In addition, a Bulldog Tank, a Patton Tank, a 40mm Anti-Aircraft gun and a number of other vehicles can also be viewed in this area of the museum. The museum considers it an honor to have memorabilia donated by the family of Tampa Bay’s own hero of the Korean War Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez, who was awarded the Purple Heart for sacrificing his life in order to save countless members of his Platoon. MASH Unit - A field hospital MASH unit is also part of this exhibit. This diorama houses a number of authentic medical instruments, a replica of a MASH tent, and a fully refurbished 1951 M43 Dodge MASH Ambulance. Frozen Chosin- The third diorama in the Korean War Exhibit is an amazing depiction of the infamous Frozen Chosin. Visitors can almost feel the despair of these valiant young men who successfully fought, without giving up, under extremely adverse condition. POW/MIA - The Armed Forces History Museum is proud to have an area inside the Korean War Exhibit dedicated to the POW/MIAs. Bill Allen, an ex POW donated a number of personal items from the war to the museum that are currently on display. This area also has a White Table of Remembrance, representing those who are (have been) POWs, and those brave soldiers still missing in action. Each item on the table is symbolic to the absence of those who once fought alongside our esteemed veterans and active duty members.

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