World War I Trench Exhibit

The sights and sounds of the WWI Trench Exhibit immediately transports visitors back to 1917. The exhibit comes to life with the sound of gunfire as smoke seeps into the trench. The exhibit features an underground radio control bunker and visitors can listen as the radio operator transmits his messages. The area above the trench features posts taken directly from Flanders’ Field in France, and a large Fokker DR. 1 Red Baron triplane model flies overhead as well. Display cases embedded in the trench house a number of unique and authentic WWI pieces. Uniforms, rifles, knives, boots, and a rare gas mask made for a horse are among the many items on display. Before exiting this exhibit, one final unexpected display can be found overheada large scale replica of a WWI Renault Tank. As with all the exhibits at the AFHM, items are well marked making it possible to enjoy an educating selfguided tour.

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