World War II US Navy Exhibit

The US Navy area of the museum houses a number of rare and interesting pieces of memorabilia. You cannot help but notice the two authentic Mark IV torpedoes as they enter the gallery. One torpedo has been left intact, while the second has a cutaway section exposing the torpedo’s full propulsion and fuel component. In addition, the gallery houses a hard-to-find 42-foot US Navy periscope that was once used on a ballistic missile submarine. As they peer through, visitors get a bird’s eye view of the parking lot and surrounding area. Another hard-to-miss piece inside the Naval area is the full-sized, fully-operational WWII amphibious DUKW. Probably one of the most memorable cases in the museum is housed in the naval area where you can see newspaper headlines from the December 7, 1941 Extra Edition of the Honolulu Star. Also, in this case is one of the museum’s most treasured pieces an inkwell from the USS Missouri circa 1945, as well as a hula skirt make from a WWII parachute. The items listed here merely scratch the surface of the history housed in the WWII US Navy Exhibit.

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