South Africa’s Armsel Striker is a 12-gauge shotgun that was mainly designed for both riot control and combat.  This model, considered by some to be one of the top shotguns in history, was designed by Hilton Walker back in 1983.  Once production began, the shotgun gained notoriety and became a huge success.  The Armsel Striker was not without its flaws.  The magazine for Armsel Striker was bulky and the shotgun was noted for its slow reload time.  As a result, Walker redesigned the Striker in the late 1980s.  He removed the cylinder rotation mechanism and added an auto cartridge ejection system.  The newly redesigned model was known as the ‘Protecta’.


Features of the Armsel Striker

The action of the Armsel Striker is very similar to a revolver, using a magazine that rotates.  The redesign features a cocking leaver (which is located on the right side of the barrel).  The redesign also corrected the slow and cumbersome firing mechanism by removing the clockwork winding mechanism and replacing the ejector rod with an automatic ejection system.  The cocking lever replaces the rod and winds the drum automatically.


History and Specifications on the Armsel Striker

  • Place of Origin:  South Africa
  • Type:  Combat shotgun; riot control weapon
  • Weight:  Just over 9.25 lbs. empty
  • Length:  31.18 inches (or) 20 inches with 12 inch barrel (stock folded)
  • Cartridge:  12 gauge
  • Action:  Rotating Cylinder


Variants of the Initial Armsel Striker

  • Armsel Protecta
  • Armsel Protecta Bulldog
  • Sentinel Arms Striker-12
  • Cobray/SWD Streetsweeper
  • Cobray/SWD Ladies Home Companion


Those in the United States seeking a Striker may find it difficult to attain as this weapon is considered a destructive device.   The Sentinel Arms Striker-12 - an improved copy of the original Armsel Striker - is fully licensed and produced by the Sentinel Arms Company and marketed to the US.


Main users of the Armsel Striker are Israel’s Defense Forces (for riot control) and the South African Army.