The Armed Forces History Museum can provide a speaker for your school or organization.  With both military and war experience, our speakers will come to you and provide your students or group with a comprehensive history lesson on our military and its important role throughout history.
Through their presentations, new insight is gained on the sacrifices made in order to preserve our freedom.  The speaker can also provide visual aids (such as one of our Duffle Bags) to enhance the learning experience.   Learning about the military takes on a whole new level of appreciation when it comes directly from someone who has experienced the armed forces first hand.  A $50 donation for a speaker is suggested.  The donation goes a long way in supporting our Operation Education, which allows the museum to underwrite the cost of field trips for underprivileged / at-risk children who would otherwise be unable to visit the museum.

AFHM speakers, much like our museum, bring the past to life.

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For more information, contact Kathy Weed at (727) 539-8371 ext. 110 or by email kathy@armedforcesmuseum.com

Read more about our speaker’s below:



Frank Correa, the Historian of the Armed Forces History Museum, is originally from Torrington Connecticut.  When he joined the US Marine Corps, he was assigned to the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Pacific.  Frank is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War.


During Frank’s time at the Armed Forces History Museum, he has given hundreds of tours, including to members of Congress, the Governor of the State of Florida, Generals, Admirals and several recipients of the Medal of Honor.  Frank has also given tours to major defense contractors such as Raytheon and General Dynamics.


Over the course of several years, Frank has lectured at several schools and charitable organizations.  He has been the keynote speaker at numerous public events.  Some of his work is done on behalf of veteran’s causes.  Frank is the recipient of the Gold Distinguished Medal of the Marine Corps League for his work with Wounded Warriors.


In 2010, Frank visited the island of Iwo Jima, Japan – the site of the bloodiest battle for the American Forces in the 20th century.  He is the past Commandant of the Marine Corps League Detachment #54 and is a member of the Military Order of Devil Dogs and Veterans of Foreign Wars.  He is also a spokesperson for Retired K-9 Heroes.


Frank Correa is available to lecture on military history, along with analysis of foreign military capabilities.  He is able to modify the content he presents to the needs of the age and the group with whom he is speaking.  Frank, like the museum, brings the history he presents to life.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABill Allen is a guest speaker and volunteer at the Armed Forces History Museum.  Bill’s military life began shortly after graduation in July of 1949, when he enlisted in the army.  When North Korea invaded South Korea on June 15, 1950, the 24th Infantry Division – to which Bill was assigned – was sent.  On January 1, 1951, Bill was captured by the Chinese military troops and marched to a POW camp located on the Yalu River on the Chinese and North Korean border.  He was held there until August 11, 1953.


While in the service, Bill received the Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Prisoner of War Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Japanese Occupation, National Defense Medal, South Korean Defense Medal (/2 silver stars) United Nations Defense and United Nation Service Medal.  Bill is also author of the book “My Old Box of Memories”, in which he describes his 31 months as a prisoner of war.


Today, Bill speaks about his life as a POW.  He is also involved in working with men and women returning from combat in a program called “Out Reach”.  This program – at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa, FL – supports those with P.T.S.D. “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”.  The program educates these brave warriors on the lifelong effects of PTSD, not only on themselves, but their family as well.


Bill’s speaking engagements enlighten people about the struggles associated with being a POW.


9 Responses to Speakers

  1. John Zabrucki says:

    Do you have, or know of any military vehicle owners who would be able to bring a truck (or similar type) of military vehicle to our school’s annual Veteran’s Day celebration on Nov 9th at Mary Bryant Elementary. (The school is in Northwest Tampa just above the Oldsmar Fleamarket for reference)

    I am actively looking for a military speaker from my old unit at MacDill AFB, but now that I know that you also have them, I will contact you immediately if this person cannot make it.

    Thanks as always for the wonderful work you all do there at the museum.

    John Zabrucki
    MSgt, USAF, Retired

    • alon2392 says:

      Hi John:

      I’ve forwarded your request to our Director of Marketing and Promotional Events – Cindy Bosselmann. She will be in contact with you shortly. You can also email her at cindy@armedforcesmuseum.com

      Thank you for visiting our web-site and for your interest in the museum. And on behalf of everyone here at the AFHM, we humbly thank you for your service. Good luck with your Veteran’s Day celebration.

  2. Susan says:

    I am interested in having a speaker come to our homeschool group in the Tampa area. Our children range from early elementary up through middle school. Do you have an idea of the length of each presentation? I would like to see if it would be able to fit with our event. Thank you.

    • alon2392 says:

      Speakers can generally modify their talks so they are geared both in content and time with the various age groups they address. I will send you a private email with some additional information and questions. Thank you for your interest in the AFHM Speakers.

  3. Daniel Blackmore says:

    I have personally met “Bill”Alan and read his book and hope to see him this year on Easter vacation

    • alon2392 says:

      He is almost always here on Tuesdays. Fantastic book isn’t it? Just like Bill who is a fantastic person.

  4. Heather says:

    My boyfriend, myself & our respective children saw Bill when we went to your museum. We spent the better part of an hour listening to him, asking questions & getting to know him. I would recommend to ANYONE visiting to make sure that he is there & that you truly listen to him. He’s an amazing man.

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you Heather for taking the time to post your comment on our website. Bill is definitely a one-of-a-kind person who will definitely change your life. So glad you and your family had the opportunity to meet with him.

  5. Bob Bryan says:

    Bill was the speaker at the May meeting of the Pinellas Genealogy Society at the Largo Public Library. He was very interesting and held the rapt attention of the 50-60 people in attendance. There were few dry eyes at the end of his presentation. He is an amazing man and we definitely enjoyed having him and his daughter.

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