The US Special Operation forces implement a variety of aircraft and vehicles for their covert missions.  The list below contains some of the top choices of these elite forces along with a brief description.


Lockheed AC-130 Aircraft – The AC-130 is a ground-attack aircraft known for its heavy armament.  A variant of the well-known C-130 Hercules transport plane, this gunship is used only by the US Air Force.  The AC-130 is often used for close air support and flying urban operations.  Weapons aboard are generally mounted to fire from the port (left) side of the aircraft.



CH-47 Chinook Helicopter – First introduced in 1962, this twin-engine helicopter is a tandem rotor, heavy-lift chopper and reaches speeds up to 170 knots, or 196 mph.  It is one of the few aircraft that is still in production and utilized in front-line service today.  One of the heaviest lifting Western helicopters, the Chinook is used for troop movement, artillery placement and battlefield resupply.


UH-60 Black Hawk – The UH-60 Black Hawk entered into US Army service in 1979.  Variants of this design are used by the US Navy, US Air Force and US Coast Guard.   The Black Hawk has four blades and twin engines.  This medium-lift utility helicopter is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft in Bradford, CT.  The UH-60 took part in the largest air assault mission in US Army history.  This mission took place back in 1991 during the Gulf War and involved more than 300 helicopters.



Desert Patrol Vehicle – Previously known as the “Fast Attack Vehicle”, this high-speed, light-attack vehicle saw its first combat in 1991 during the Gulf War.  The high speed and off-road capabilities of this vehicle made it a popular choice for the US Navy SEALs during Operation Desert Storm.



Ranger SOV – A light attack and recon platform, 4 x 4 vehicle, the Ranger SOV is one of the vehicles used by the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment.  This land rover offers the Rangers a greater capacity, but remains small enough to allow it to be easily transported by helicopter.



The above aircraft and vehicles are but a small sample of those utilized by the Special Ops forces of the United States military.