The US Marine Corps ANGLICO, one of the top US special operations units, offer fire support and act as air/naval gunfire liaison companies of the Marine Corps.  In conjunction with Navy personnel, they coordinate air, naval gunfire, artillery and other support of Marines as well as other US forces and allied units.


The ANGLICOs differ in the fact they are trained to support forces outside the USMC.  Therefore, they are divided into four different areas, corresponding to the various levels of a foreign force’s organization.


Division Cell

This group operates as the senior USMC fire liaison between the marine Air-Ground Task Force and the supported division headquarters.  The equipment of this team emphasizes the planning and communication they’ll be involved with from the assigned headquarters.  However, it would never be described as a desk job.  While visiting smaller teams in Afghanistan, this company engaged in repeated close quarter combat with the enemy.

Brigade Platoon

The Brigade Platoon is protects a brigade of friendly force and their equipment is mainly geared towards command post operations vice tactical combat.


Supporting Arms Liaison Battalion

Also known as SALT, this team is trained to offer comprehensive fire support coordination for a supported battalion.  This battalion is usually comprised of no more than ten Marines and Sailors.  However, their training and experience often finds them involved in non-fire operations of the battalion being supported.



Firepower Control Team

This team is the basic unit of ANGLICO operations.  Generally, there are two Firepower Control Teams (FCT) - though the number sometimes increases based on the number of team leaders available.  The FCT Team is trained to take part in ground combat alongside a supported unit.    They will request, as well as control, air and fire support assets on behalf of the supported unit.  Their duty often involves patrol, raids and defensive operations.



The Marines assigned to ANGLICO must be proficient in a number of specialized military skills.  They receive training in MOS (fire support), and some are required to complete airborne training and jump qualifications.  They are also cross-trained with a number of US and Allied units around the world.   The motto for this US Marine Corps special operations force – “Lightning from the sky, thunder from the sea”.