This special operations force of the US Marine Corps – the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team Company (FAST) – is a top US special ops team comprised of specially trained, dedicated Marines who are armed, combat trained and equipped to execute brief security missions around the world.  They engage when a security threat elevates beyond the level normally handled by the permanent security force.  FAST is not set up to as a permanent security force.  Their mission is to get in quickly and secure the compromised area.


The FAST Company is trained in antiterrorism and weapons marksmanship.  They are taught and trained to quickly secure and protect vital naval and national assets and in to use state-of-the-art weapons in defensive combat operations.  They are also capable of conducting military security operations and rear area security operations.  An additional responsibility of FAST is to ensure that any docked submarine containing nuclear material remains uncompromised.


FAST was first activated back in 1987 and presently consists of about 500 Marines.  Their deployment is at the discretion of the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps.  Some of the FAST training includes School of Infantry, Security Force School, Combat Marksmanship and specific FAST Training – where they receive additional training in close quarters combat, submachine gun employment and other specific skills training.



FAST was involved back in the early 1990s in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  During this deployment, the team secured US Naval installations in Bahrain.   Another deployment occurred in 1998 when the American Embassy was bombed in Kenya and Tanzania.  Today, FAST continues to be involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The motto for this incredible US Marine Corps special operation - Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) Company - is appropriately “Anytime, Anyplace”.