People are often unclear on what they can do to make a difference while showing support for our military troops overseas.  Individuals are often concerned that their little act of kindness, their open show of support through wearing red on Fridays or even a small donation to one of the many organizations who offer assistance to our severely wounded warriors will not have a significant impact.  However, ask a member of the armed forces who is home on leave what your show of support means and you will find he asks for nothing more.  Gratitude speaks volumes.

The museum store at the Armed Forces History Museum has several patriotic and support our troop items available for sale.  These items can also be purchased on-line using any one of the links listed below.  The significance isn’t in your choice; it is the reason behind your choice, support for our troops.

Support Our Troops Garden Flags
Support Our Troops Coffee Mug

One type of support for our military troops overseas is not more important than another.  A financial donation may have a different impact than wearing a red t-shirt on Friday, but at the base of it all is the commonality of support for those who serve.  Make an effort to unite this country once again with the WWII patriotism that once flooded the United States from shore to shore.

Make a difference in the life of a soldier, make a difference in the patriotism of this country, make a difference by showing some form, any form, of support to the brave men and women who serve in our military to continue to ensure the freedom we continue to enjoy.  You can make a difference when you show support for our military troops overseas.


2 Responses to Support Our Military Troops Overseas

  1. L A Pickard says:

    Perfect Stranger

    I don’t know you, you don’t know me
    Your face is one, I’ll never see

    The many men, who fight and fought
    Have gifted, what cannot be bought

    My life the gift, that you each gave
    With every act so true, so brave

    Your selfless plight, in the face of danger
    Makes each of you – my perfect stranger.

    L A Pickard
    11 November 2012

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