Show support for our military troops overseas with a Support Our Troops Wrist Band.   Many items are available that allow an individual to distinctly express their show of support.  Our troops are willing to place their lives on the line each day in order to continue to preserve the freedom we are fortunate enough to experience every day in our country.  The heroic intentions in which they serve should not go unnoticed.


WWII Patriotism 

In WWII, patriotism in the United States was rampant.  Everyone was asked to stand behind US troops and assist them in a number of ways.  During this era, it wasn’t just a yellow ribbon or a red shirt or garden flag.  During World War II, purchasing war bonds to support the finances of WWII was encouraged and everyone was asked to contribute to the cause through conserving food, fuel and tires.  Every American family felt the effects for the war efforts and openly showed their support.  Today should be no different.


Show Support

Support for our troops with items such as wrist bands makes it affordable for anyone to show open support and patriotism for our troops overseas and our country.  It isn’t how you decide to show support, it is the conscious decision to support our troops that is important.  Even a heartfelt thanks to soldier on leave can go a long way in boosting his morale and reinforcing that he is not alone and his efforts are in fact greatly appreciated.  Whether it is a financial donation to a group who assists our severely wounded soldiers, or a simple wrist band to openly display your gratitude for their service, the importance lies in the choice itself, the conscious choice to show support for our troops.


2 Responses to Support Our Troops with Wrist Bands

  1. Marie says:

    I purchased a Vietname wristband in the early 70s. As with many other people, the wristband has disappeared after all these housing moves.

    How can I find the name that was on my band so that I can do some research to locate that service member?


    • alon2392 says:

      Unfortunately, I do no know how you would go about finding whose name was on your band. It is wonderful you would like to learn more about the person you supported during that time. Wish we could be of more service.

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