Below are some testimonials from guests who have recently visited the Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL.  Please feel free to fill out a comment card when you visit the museum, we are always looking for input and information to continue to enhance the museum.



Richard from Cincinnati, OH writes:

Absolutely extraordinary.  The scale of the weapons, machines and vehicles cannot be described – must be experienced!


Gerald C from Wesley Chapel, FL writes:

Very well presented.  Realistic exhibits put you right in the middle of the action.  Most impressive!


Dave R from Seminole, FL writes:

Thanks – I could stay here for 2-3 days or more.  What a great museum.  Heart wrenching to see what the past holds.  Everyone should see this.  God Bless You!


Dawn L from Palmyra, NY writes:

Outstanding array of artifacts; well displayed with clear, true-to-the time identification – even for those who are not military knowledgeable.


Joe S from Parkton, MD writes:

Tour was educational and well conducted.  An additional visit is warranted.


Nancy G from Clearwater Beach, FL writes:

I work for the Clearwater Beach Chamber and will recommend the museum highly!


Kathy G from Clearwater, FL writes:

We enjoyed ourselves very much.  We have visited many military museums worldwide and your museum runs very high on our list.  Very impressive.


Jenny M. from Forest City, NC writes:

Absolute best ever!  2 – 12 year olds and an 8 year old – “Best thing we’ve done so far.”  Great staff and learned a lot too!  Will be back on our next trip to Clearwater


Amy N. from Delcambre, LA writes:

The museum is great!  There are a lot of display items that are not available at other museums.  The WWII Museum in New Orleans has a lot of displays in cases, but your museum has more large items on display.  We especially loved the WWI trench and WWII Pearl Harbor South Pacific areas.


Nancy C from Seminole, FL writes:

Very well done, have been wanting to bring my young family to learn about our country’s history.  They were captivated!!  Very important aspect of US/World history done with great respect and dignity – Thank You!


Teri from Pennsylvania writes:

This is an amazing facility.  My grandsons are excited more than they were at Disney!!  Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and I could just keep going on about the educational value and experience here.  Thank you!!!











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