The Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC


The Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC is a not for profit organization established by the Department of Florida Marine Corps League to provide financial aid and assistance to severely injured warriors and their families.  The funds provide assistance by filling the monetary gap our wounded veterans and their families often experience, such as transportation costs, housing, utility bills, loss of family income and other expenses.   The US Government is unable to provide funds for these expenses.  With the continuing rise of medical cost, and the increasing number of severely disabled veterans, the gap seems destined to widen.  Please consider making a donation.


The Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL supports the mission of the Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC.  While many organizations with similar missions are established throughout the country, the Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC is based here in Pinellas County.  The assistance offered by this program is open to members of all military branches and their families in the state of Florida.  The Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC is a not for profit organization, making all donations tax deductible.


Support Severely Injured Warriors

Every day, members of the United States military are faced with life altering situations. A young military soldier or Marine is injured by an IED, a device specifically designed to inflict horrific damage on the human body.  In most cases, an IED device is known to destroy both lower limbs, but doesn’t always stop there.  IEDs have also been known to continue their devastation by ripping through flesh and bone, removing cartilage and creating a fireball that burns away the flesh.  These brave military warriors not only face a long and arduously painful road to recovery, many times they incur a brain related injury as well.  Their lives and the lives of the family are forever changed.


The Call Comes In

A young military wife or the mother of an injured warrior gets a phone call that will forever shape the rest of her life.  She and her family have received the devastating news every military family hopes to avoid.  Their loved one has been severely injured in the line of duty.  They must now uproot themselves and travel to the bedside of their beloved at their own expense.  Their life, and the life of their family, becomes stressed, altered and is taxing on the finances of the family.



Continued advancements in medical care assist with the survival rate of the military wounded.  The injuries incurred by these military personnel, however, are becoming more complex and severe.  Estimates show that in 2010 (compared to 2009), twice as many American warriors experienced the loss of at least one limb.  The number has almost doubled for triple amputees.  These severely wounded men and women and their families incur incredible financial hardships.  All this befalls them at a time when they are both physically and emotionally exhausted.  The Injured Warriors of FL, LLC needs the help of everyone in order to assist these emotionally and financially torn families and get them through and help them deal with the significant changes and demands that are now a part of their everyday life.


Family Expenses

While medical expenses of the severely wounded warrior are covered by the US Government, many of the expenses incurred by the family are not covered.  Emergency dental care, additional family travel expenses, the loss of a second income and setting up a second temporary residence are just a few of the expenses where families of the severely injured need assistance.  These are families whose daily lives have been torn apart, and the pieces will never again be returned to their original places.  The Injured Warriors of FL, LLC was initiated to fill these gaps.  Your monetary assistance, no matter how small is and always will be appreciated.



The stories we hear are but a few of the thousands of individuals affected as a result of a severe war injury.  We become emotionally involved while the story is being told, but unless we are personally affected, our involvement often stops there.  The alteration of their lives came while serving their country, our country.  We may not agree with the cause, but should support the noble intention with which they serve.  Reaction to their bitter plight is understandable, but as an individual and as a country, we owe it to them to do more – to become proactive.


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