With the Korean War so closely following on the heels of WWII, many of the top tanks used in World War II were also utilized during the Korean War.  Some were variants and others were newly designed.  Tanks continued to evolve with the introduction of the German’s anti-tank weapons.  The top Korean tank list below, along with a brief description, is presented in alphabetical order.


Step close and sense of the strength of the cold metal on AFHMs authentic, fully restored, fully operational battle tanks, which are prominently displayed throughout the museum.  Get a sense of the combat they endured throughout their service.  Take a moment, put yourself in the turret – feel the power, feel the fear, feel the pride. 



Centurian – This British tank was introduced in 1945 and first saw combat during the Korean War with the British Army, who was supporting UN forces.  The Centurian’s tank design became widely used and the tank itself saw service into the 1990s.




Infantry, Mk IV – This British tank was one of heaviest Allied tanks from WWII.  Their role in Korea began in the late 1950s where they fought mainly as a gun tank.




M24 Chaffee – This American light tank was used in WWII and the Korean War.  The British dubbed it the Chaffee after US Army General, Adna Chaffee, Jr.  The M24 initially combated the North Korean T34-85 Tanks, but its performance was poor against this medium tank.  Later in the war, the M24 was successfully used for reconnaissance.



M26 Pershing – The M26 was a heavy American tank that saw combat during the Korean War after a brief introduction in WWII.  The tank was withdrawn from the Korean War when it was found to be both underpowered and mechanically unreliable.




M41 Walker Bulldog – The design of this light US tank, which replaced the M24 Chaffee, was successful and though it was considered well-armed, the main gun of the tank was no match for its well armored opponents in the Korean War.  It served as a testing prototype to lay groundwork for future tank designs.




T-34-85 – This medium Soviet tank was used by the North Korean’s to initially invade South Korea in June of 1950.  This tank was successful up until the introduction of upgraded antitank weapons and the introduction of newer tanks such as the M4 Sherman and the Centurion.




Type 95 Ha-Go – This light tank is the most produced fighting vehicle from Japan during its timeframe.  The Type 95 Ha-Ga was used by the IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) during World War II, but was also used by the Chinese during the Korean War.



The list of tanks and their variants from any time frame can become quite extensive.  The list above is just a brief look at some of the top tanks of the Korean War.