Countries throughout the world train special operation forces within their military, so coming up with a list of top special operations forces in the world is difficult at best.  All special ops forces train their military men to be the best of the best, to take the impossible task and make it possible.  In that respect, all Special Operations units are top.  While the list below may not be everyone’s top ten, some of those listed would certainly be a part of any top ten lists.

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10.  Russian Spetsnaz – What sets the Russian Spetsnaz apart from other specially trained special ops units around the world is their daily exposure to physical punishment.  The purpose for this portion of their training is to teach them to endure physical pain and to work the mind to “enjoy” it since it is impossible to ignore it.  They are permitted to leave the training anytime they desire.  Their missions generally involve reconnaissance and close quarter combat.   Many of the bodyguards chosen for the high-tanking political figures of Russia are chosen from the Spetsnaz.


9.  Pakistan Special Service Group – This Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG) is also known as “Black Storks” a name derived from their unique headgear the “Maroon Beret”.  The SSG has ten specific missions for which they are trained:


  • Asymmetric Warfare
  • Special Operations
  • Counter-Proliferation
  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Direct Action
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Counter-Terrorist
  • Personnel Recovery



This elite group from Pakistan is somewhat similar to the US Army’s Green Berets and the British Army’s SAS.  They often conduct exercise missions with Special Forces from other countries such as China and the UK.


8.  Austria Eko Cobra – This special ops tactical unit is involved mainly in counter-terrorism.  The group retains a low profile, despite their high-speed involvement in the war on terror.  In Europe, they are known for their competitive edge over other countries at S.W.A.T. and other competitions throughout Europe.  Though their covert missions are carried without with little or no media, they are still considered by many as one of the best trained counter-terrorist units in the world.



7.  French Army Special Forces Brigade – This French Special Ops group has one of the most rigorous qualification training programs in the world.  This group is subdivided into three specially trained areas:

  • 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de Marin which is based in Bayonne.
  • 13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes based in Martignas-sur-Jalle.
  • 4e Régiment d’Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales, the unit based in Pau.


6.  Polish GROM – Activated in July of 1980 in response to terrorist threats, GROM is one of five Special Ops units in Poland.  They are trained to respond to a variety of threats and unconventional warfare roles.  Their existence was not even acknowledged by the Poland until 1994.  Within five years, the group converted to a special military formation in compliance with NATO standards.  They are revered among the newest members of NATO as the best commando unit.


5.  German GSG9 – The GSG9 is a special operations unit of the German Federal Police, specializing in counter-terrorism.  The group was formed after the failed attempt of the German Police to successfully free 11 Israeli athletes who were kidnapped in Munich in 1972 during the Summer Olympic Games.   They recognized, as a result, that their forces were not properly trained or equipped to handle such situations.  They have since been trained in deployed in situations when hostages are taken, kidnapping is involved or in cases of terrorism or extortion.


4.  Israeli Shayetet 13 – This Special Ops group shares the Israeli Army motto:  “Never Again”, referring to the Holocaust.  Though they are one of three special units, the Shayetet 13 bears the closest resemblance to the US Army’s Delta Force.  They are specially trained for rescuing hostages and in counter-terrorism.  Though they remain an extremely secretive group, the most public noted mission was Operation Spring of Youth.  During this operation, the Shayetet 13 went into Beirut Lebanon where they hunted down and killed all the terrorists involved in the 1972 Munich massacre of 11 Israeli athletes.


3.  US Army Delta Force – The US Army’s Delta Force is the only official US counter-terrorism unit focused on hostage rescues, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism.  To be selected for this specialty force team, an individual must undergo a rigid physical test that begins with sit ups and push-ups and a 3 mile run – all to be completed within an undisclosed time frame.  Next, the each prospective member must complete an 18-mile hike over rugged, mountainous terrain carrying a 35 lb backpack and compass, but no a map.  This physically grueling entrance test does not end there.  Another 45-mile hike is then required, this time with a 45 lb backpack and an even shorter time limit.  Afterwards, each individual must further undergo a number of mental exams where examiners attempt to confuse and thus break the individual.  Once the above requirements are successfully completed, the recruit is then permitted to enter into the actual 6 month training program for the Delta Force.


2.  US Navy SEAL Team 6 – DEVGRU – The first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6 was Dick Marcinko – a US Navy representative for the Joint Chiefs of Staff task force Terrorist Action Team.  The team was created in October of 1980 after a failed attempt in 1979 to rescue American hostages being held in Iran.  As a result, the US Navy recognized the imminent need for a specially trained counter terrorist team.  SEAL Team 6 (or currently DEVGRU – Naval Special Warfare Development Group) consists of four line squadrons – Red, Blue, Gold and Silver.  The men within these units are the elite of the elite of special op forces and are trained on Sea, air and land, making them a well-rounded, highly trained group of individuals.


1.  British SAS – The British SAS follow the sea, air and land training of the SEALs; however their training in counter-espionage is more in-depth and complex than the SEALs.  Both the SAS and SEALs receive comparable training as they sometimes work closely.  They are trained in numerous fighting techniques and remain the primary model in which most national commando units are based.



The above Special Ops Forces list may not be a conclusive top list for everyone.  Given the number of excellently trained units around the world, they all maintain the highest integrity and require their team members to constantly challenge themselves under some of the most extreme grueling circumstances experienced by man.  They must always be ready for the worst of the worst, but who better to be ready than the best of the best.  The ten Special Ops units above have certainly proved themselves time and again and therefore have earned them a spot on this particular list of the top ten Special Operations Forces in the world.


309 Responses to Top Ten Special Operations Forces in the World

  1. Umer says:

    I think pak ssg are the toughest comandos but regarding to equipments and cybernetics S.A.S are better

    • alon2392 says:

      Thanks for visiting our web-site and for your input. We always appreciate it when someone takes the time to give us feedback.

      • salman says:

        Yes i agree SSG have brave men but they lack of good equipments

        • FAHAD says:


      • nikhil says:

        sir why didn’t u put indian para commandos,marcos & NSG on the best list they do thousand of COIN operation every year,at least go through there history, pakistan ssg track record against india is very bad just go through their history

    • Bravo 2-0 says:

      The SAS are always gonna be the alpha dogs, thats why most othe SF units base themselves on them. The Brits are probably one of the premier militaries in the world. I’ve checked a bunch of websites and videos, and the Challenger 2 and the Type 45 have been voted the best MBT and destroyer in the world. Our only problem is a crappy budget

      • ben says:

        I’m not sure about the destroyer but I must say that whilst really really good, the MBT of the Americans (M1A2) is slightly superior to the Challenger 2 and with a massive budget devoted to military expenditure I think the Yanks will hold onto that title for a while longer.

        • jop says:

          I have to agree with bravo-2 regarding the Challenger II MBT is better than the Abrams M1A2 with Everything else being equal the Challenger II has better protection with the Chobam armor which was invented by the British and copied by the Americans. It is the only MBT that has not been penetrated by any anti tank weapons even after multiple hits the Abrams M1A2 has been disabled by the Russian Rpg 26 and 29. If I had to choose which MBT to ride for protection I would choose the Challenger II.

    • juliu says:

      SAS and SBS are the best because they have the experience, the support from the gov’t, and a strong SF community with the rest of the world.

      Equipment and training is everything for any SF units.
      you only get the best of the best.

      • alon2392 says:

        Thank you for visiting our web-site and posting our comment. Always good to have someone else’s input.

        • buddy says:

          I think you missed one of the bravest elite force in the world ” INDONESIAN KOPASSUS ” they are really well trained elite force. They can complete a missions even though not equipped with military high technology. They are ready to die, and one kopassus equal 5 military persons.

          • shahid says:

            Don’t agree with you because they aren’t fighting or they haven’t fought against terrorists. SSG the Pakistani special services group alongside the other troops are fighting against the terrorism in the world’s toughest battlefield. Where even British army (During British controlled India)failed. But Pakistan’s army cleared 95% area from the terrorists. Go and search about that on internet.

          • buddy says:

            It’s not about fighting terrorist, it’s about military skills, it’s about mission accomplish. Are you sure that pakistani elite force really fighting terrorist?? Why osamah was hiding there?

    • khalid says:

      Its not only your opinion but its the fact

    • RoyalKnight says:

      They are tough indeed, but i don’t see why they are the toughest

    • Dan says:

      Sorry but U.S. Navy Seals are the best in the world by FAR, and the United States is 10 generations ahead in technology. Hate to burst your bubble but it’s the truth.

      • Dan….the main and ONLY difference between the U.S.Navy Seals and the British S.A.S. is that the S.A.S. don’t need to SAY they are the best….they just are.

      • Eric says:

        Seals are kids comparing to GROM as far as skills

      • j says:

        Your navy seals are good but the SAS are trained more in espionage and counter espionage than the Seals, that is why SAS will always be the top of the list. Also many of the training techniques used by the Seals are based on SAS training. But have to say Seals are better in the drink without a doubt.

      • buddy says:

        High technology military systems even can’t guarantee a successful fighting in the battlefield, do you still remember how the vietcong defeated the US army? Do you know who the vietcong learn the guerrilla warfare from? KOPASSUS behind of it. The best elite force can be seen from how they accomplish the mission with a minimum high technology equipment. It’s the real evidence.

    • Each and every man and woman who serve their country in their Special Forces units are extremely well trained and brave and should be recognised for their skills. However….rather than quibbling over who should come where in any list it is safe and true to admit that the British S.A.S. are in a league of their own being the masters of Anti Terrorism activity whose methods are used by every other nations units.

    • Arsalan says:

      Pakistan Army Wins Gold Medal In International Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2010 and proved to be best in the world. Now you can see who is better I don’t think that I have to say anything else.

      • tim says:

        actually america’s military is by far the best…

        america has 3 times more aircraft,2 times more navy ships than any other country in the world…

        america’s airforce is mostly the f-22 and f-16 modern aircraft..

        whereas pakistan has mostly 1980′s models from china and russia…

        at the same time… america’s navy has very up to date upgrades that only the UK and russia can match..

        but as i said america has 2 times more than any other country…

        and also…proving to have the toughest soldiers means NOTHING considering that america is better organized and has better surveillance tactics than pakistan…and that america’s army consists of 2.9 million men…with a lot more capable of joint the military..and pakistan only has about 1.1 million..

        america is by far the best and it proved it in iraq and afghanistan and every single war…

        we have the best bomber units too…

        we have the b-2 spirit bomber and the b-52 stratofortress bombs which are by far the best in the whole world…

        we also have something called the “moab”

        its a missile which destroys everything within 3300 feet

        • Tom says:

          We’re talking about special forces, not overall military might. I don’t think anybody is disputing that America has the most powerful military. They spend like ten times more than anybody else so of course they are the most powerful.

  2. Mike Wiebe says:

    What about Canadian. Jtf2? They did what Americans couldn’t

    • alon2392 says:

      There are/were many good special forces throughout military history and any list of top ten can always be questioned unless specific guidelines are in place in which to judge their selection. No doubt the Canadian Jtf2 is an excellent special operations force that has provided immeasureable services since their inception in April of 1993. Thank you for visiting our web-site and for posting your comment.

  3. CallumRyan says:

    Spetznaz 10th I don’t think so they’re at least forth or fifth or fourth not tenth I agree their not the best but there better than the pssg,FSFB,AEC don’t deserve to be above the Spetznaz and the americans should only be on there once and where are the swedish special forces and finish special forces

    • alon2392 says:

      Thanks for your comment. I completely respect your input and as stated in the article, anytime you are listing a top ten of anything, it is a subjective list. Thanks for give us your perspective. We appreciate your visiting our web-site.

      • Jackie93 says:

        I agree with this list and to rest some minds at ease with the Spetsnaz being 10th, that is their normal Spetsnaz units who are trained in great recognisance and self defence. They are like the Royal Marines or Army Rangers Equivalent. Tier two SF’S not Tier ones.


        That is not the Alfa Group!

        Spetsnaz’s Alfa group are revered for having the toughest training in the world (some of it considered to be illegal in the West!) and are trained in combat which is equally as good as the SAS or DEVGRU. Perhaps better as many Western units try to learn the feared Systema martial Arts. They also are the more secretive SF unlike SAS and DEVGRU who give out their training Vids online.

        In my Opinion Alfa Group is probably far superior due to their feared training from rumours and speculations and instinct to never give up. To never feel pain but to love pain! Most people I’ve spoken to who still serve in the normal’s or are ex SF’s say that they always here stories about the Russians, and that they would hate to go against the Alfas.
        Anyway this is just my opinion though.

        • alon2392 says:

          Thanks for your input Jackie! Well said.

        • j says:

          SAS training vids you see online are the basic and core training techniques used not all. Spetsnaz’s are 10th because they use brute force and that is why other Sf’s respect them, they don’t go down, the SAS are trained to double tap but against Spetnaz’s you better empty that clip into them.

  4. Allen6496 says:

    I believe this list is very accurate (not to offend anyone). I think SEALS and SAS will always be the the top 2 for a while, though my dad who was an ex-SAS told me that SAS men train the SEALS at “certain things only” he said. This may seem biased of me but I have researched about this for a while and it seems that SAS also cooperate with MI6 (CIA equivalent but has a larger nework) making anti-terrorism SAS’ special ability. And I compared the 2 forces in action, SEALS rely mostly on surveillance and intelligence then comes planning, SAS on the other hand is very similar, but they use “rehearsals” after rehearsals. I interviewed some people I know who worked for both forces and SEALS turned out to have had failures, causing some losses, while SAS failure relates back to it’s history, their recent one was a pistol dropped from the holster and discharged ( it was my dad who did that. I have faith in both forces to keep the world safe.

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you so much for your comment on this article. We appreciate your dad’s service in the SAS. Thanks for visiting our web-site, hope you’ll come back as we are always adding new articles and hope one day you can come and visit our award-winning museum.

    • Callum Ryan says:

      If your father was ex sas you wouldn’t know unless he was killed where it is manditory to tell the family of the deaceased soldier and you wouldn’t be saying it on a web site if what you say is true.

      • zerodarkthirty says:

        Disagree. Quite a few of us have father’s who have served in the SAS. Although true in part, the reality is sometimes different than the ideal, right. So not only is it feasible for an ex-member of the regiment to in-part disclose certain truths concerning their service, it would not be unreasonable to believe that that information could find it’s way onto the public arena in such a forum. In fact, there’s a fair bit of info out there about SF if you look hard enough. Although for the sake of operational safety it probably shouldn’t be for falling into wrong hands. But in saying that, the bulk of the info is probably now deprecated, so therefore your not going to get a hand up on units.

      • Mark C says:

        My dad served with the SAS, all he would tell me was he often jumped into the jungle (operation Termite)in Burma. And this is verified by the photo in a book on the SAS. At the end of the, the SAS are the model from which all special forces units are based. They do train other units but do keep a lot of what they do in house. They do work with seal team 6 (navy seals).

        • alon2392 says:

          We are grateful for your dad’s service mark. Thank you so much for providing this additional information.

    • deman 1003 says:

      i dont think the navy seals should have been before the spetsnaz because let me give a reson junior when i was in vietnam insted of telling ghost stories wed tell spetsnaz storys

  5. julius says:

    the lack of love for the SBS is making me sad :(

    SBS and Devgru are the closest allies. I even heard they are closer to ST6 than to SAS

  6. kay harvey says:

    Regardles of what put down the sas are the world leading specal forces 90% of the training was develep by the ,if corl daved had never pioneed the idear idear with the orignals the the rest would never been born they set the standard others follow why is that all the otheres come to herford to lern how it dune

  7. pato lover says:

    i look in discovery channel millitary 2008, koppasus is the third

    • Brennon says:

      Navy SEALs are absolutely 100% the best in the world, I’ve read enough books, interviews, and have talked to enough people to know for a fact that SEALs are the best, Chris Kyle was a Navy SEAL sniper, he’s my hero/idol, he’s talked about Russian spetsnaz, British and Australian SAS(Look up Rob Maylor, he was a sniper) Polish GROM, Swedish SOG, Canadian JTF, Even the U.S. Delta Force is up there, but by far the U.S. Navy SEALs are the best, did you know that the American is soldier is the only soldier in the world that can adapt to different war settings and places NATURALLY, its because we have all seasons, I’m not saying that British SAS can’t do that cause they are straight badasses, but SEALs re way better, I respect any and every SAS, JTF, etc. member, but SEALs are the best, look at the Osama raid, I know a lot of people might get mad when I say that, but we came in with two helis and they didn’t know, SEALs rule, SEAL stands for SEa
      Because we operate anywhere anytime, literally

      • Zak says:

        Lol. I think they knew :) clearly the pak army was complicit. For gods sake the Americans finance pakistan militarily.

        • Muhammad says:

          It is bcz they know, it well, what they have been unable to do since war against taliban Pakistan army had done that in a couple of year.

  8. rety says:

    Everyone forgets about Canada
    Where is JTF2??????

    • alon2392 says:

      Feel free to add some information on the JTF2. This article can be used to set the foundation to not only receive valuable input from our readers, but to educate everyone who reads them. Would love to have you include some information for us. Thank you for visiting our web-site and taking the time to post your comment.

      • feudaljm says:

        I know the name of the Kopassus special forces from Indonesia, and I think it’s best troops. but why Kopassus are not shown above?. I think the Special Forces are the best.


        • alon2392 says:

          Again, no top ten list will ever be agreed upon by all. It is nice to get other people’s perspectives when they share their thoughts, insights and additions.

    • pet says:

      SASR, JTF-2 have very similar level

  9. Ashfaque says:

    how did SSG even come on this list? In 1965, they went into Kashmir with 120 men, came back with 18, in 1971, they did some damage to our posts, but their commander surrendered, in Kargil, they got owned completely, and a bunch of students in Lal Masjid was so hard for the SSG to clear.

    • alon2392 says:

      A top ten list is subjective to one’s perspective. The additional information and opinions that people post here assists us all in learning more about the the military and their role throughout history. Thank you for visiting our web-site and taking the time to post a comment.

    • DHeeru says:

      CORRECT SAID , and they are also main creators of talibaan

      • hassan aamir says:

        its not possible that ssg created uncle is in the army and in the northern areas he said that ssg is always on the lookout for taliban and that the place is off limits because ssg is there and they could shoot you on sight if they mistake you for taliban.

    • Doctor Neo says:

      Dear Ashfaque
      You have a very limited knowledge regarding Black Stork You need some expensive study before commenting against them

      • mustafa says:

        Dear Ashfaque: Pak Army is not SSG. Please differentiate the group. Also correct your figures. Did you also remember Gen. Musharaf chief of Pakistan Army crossed the border in Kargil War and had lunch with his soldiers on YOUR ground. (Also admitted by one of your top army personnel).

        Dheeru: your statement regarding creation of taliban by Pakistan Army is very absurd. My dear Indian friend let me tell you taliban were created by US in 1990s and for last 10 years India heavily funded talibans in Pakistan to create chaos in the country

        • Muhammad says:

          Pakistan army have more experinse than Indian army… we have once defeated the great russia and now we have broken back bone of taliban… this list is from moderate.

      • Marcos says:

        Its rather you who should learn the facts . In 1965, your so called SSG Black Storks were para dropped near Amritsar and all but a few survived. In 1971, your guys were beaten badly by Mukti Bahin and only one notable achievement of thirs was the arrest of Big Bird -Mujib. In Siachn, your Musharraf was soundly beaten back and in Kargil, your guys working behind the NLI were anhilated…in your own territory in Lal Masjid, rookie jehadis killed your SSG folks like is all document…you just need to read more from impartial sources.

    • addy.j says:

      The rank doesn’t matter… we trust our forces with our life…

  10. pet says:

    SASR, JTF-2 and GROM have similar lvl

  11. callum ryan says:

    Ok everyone has their own opinion and they deserve it but us brits invented special forces groups and no comments I’ve seen have challenged that but the fact that some people believe that the spetznaz should be 10th is insane most countries use abilities and technology but russia rely on themselves and the skill and brute force they are capable of and they don’t have extremely techy guns like Grom but they have reliable weapons and men that keep and under control nd they follow orders with no arguement.

  12. john says:

    The Australian SASR are just as good as the Brits SAS….

    • Mark says:

      Actually Australian SASR are better than British SAS. Australian SASR have the best combat record than any other commando type in the world to date! The Selection process is the most difficult in the world and more men have been lost in the training and selection process than in combat due to the extreme level of the routines.

      • tony says:

        lets be about right, the australian sas is basically the english sas seeing as though the brits trained them and australia was run by the brits

      • Michael says:

        Amen to that mate

        • Sally says:

          Do you two know your history? The last time Australia was “run by the Brits”, was 112 years ago. And, although the SASR share a kinship to the British SAS, they have been unique for 56+ years.

          That aside, the further off these arm-chair general’s top 10 lists the SASR are the better. I’m sure they want as few people discussing them as possible.

      • Robbie says:

        Actually, correct, the Australian SAS are superior to their British counterpart. In fact, the Aussie SAS, are comparable to the Russian Spetnaz Alpha group (2 of the very best of the best SF groups in the world. The harsh climate and environments of northern parts of Australia where the SAS do a lot of their training, is some of the hottest and toughest training environments in the world.

        Also, it was the Bush administration who asked the Australian government to send in the Aussie SAS team over their own SF groups such as the SEALS, or the British SAS, to perform recon in Iraq leading up to the US’s 2003 invasion of Iraq.

  13. Nilze says:

    Callum, it is true that the Brits have the longest established SFs in the world, and they really belong to the best, but they were not first. The German Condor Legion was first, and even before that the Boer Commandos in South-Africa. And yes, The Australian, and NZ SAS are just as good…

    The French Foreign legion has their 2nd para corps, also good and I can imagine the Koreas, China, the Gurkhas, Chilean forces all have squads which belong in this list. The teams above all have an impressive track record. From Spetznaz to SAS…very impressive…

  14. Bob says:

    British SAS, French Foreign Legion, Russian Spetsnaz, Danish Frogmen, Israeli Shayetet, Polish GROM, US Delta Force and German GSG9 are the top tier forces in the world.

    I’d say French Foreign Legion, and particularly their Parachute regiment. These guys are bad, and used everywhere in the world, in any war, to do all the jobs other special forces are too scared to do. This has partialy to do with that the legion is a non-government controlled force. I’ve been around both British SAS, US Navy Seals and Legionéres, drinking with them and seen them fight. Let me just say, you dont wanna pick a fight with a legionére.

  15. Bobby Bankston says:

    I’m asking this question because I don’t know the answer, but other than the U.S. forces and the Israeli Shayetet 13, what have all these forces actually DONE? For example, what has the Polish GROM and the German GSG9 actually done in the way of fighting terrorists?

    • alon2392 says:

      I have forwarded your question to our historian and will post his response as soon as I hear back from him. Thank you for visiting our web-site and taking the time to post your question.

      • radge torogi says:

        in the modern history of CT operations, I haven’t read yet a successful hostage rescue operations like the Cabanatuan raid by the US rangers and secondly the Zamboanga Siege, where in Light Reaction Battalion of the Philippines rescued 198 hostages from the hands more or less 450 fully armed Extremist Muslims neutralizing 400 Terrorists with no casualty among the hostages. To my knowledge no other special unit has ever done these. If ever, these will be considered as one of the most successful hostage rescue operations in the whole world.

    • alon2392 says:

      The Polish Grom have fought side by side with our Navy SEAL and Marine units in some of toughest fights in Iraq and Afghanistan. The members of Grom are considered by our forces to be very capable, couragous warriors.
      GSG9 has been fighting terrorism since the 1970s, they conducted a famous raid in Frankfurt airport in 1977, GSG9 are a special German police unit. They did deploy to Iraq, and provided security at the German Embassy. They were in a battle in 2007.

      • Cytrasens says:

        As a proud Polish born Canadian I applaud your list and objectivity. I still marvel at all the folks that think fame equals greatness. I’m not a military man but know enough about the world. Usually the less you hear the better!

  16. savan says:

    i cannot beleive how ssg have got position in top 10.
    indian black cat commandoes are miles way ahead of the ssg.

  17. Mr Brown says:

    What about the Recces from South Africa ??? I’ve heard stories of their exploits and prowess during the border wars and they were rated the best in the world.

    • Chris says:

      I served in the British Army,joined the Parachute Regiment and my father served in the South African Parachute Regiment(Parabats) and what I experienced in the Para’s and what he told me and I’ve read on the Parabats their training was much harder than the UK Paras. And the Recces were one up from Parabats,so in their day would have been the equivalent of the SAS.

      • alon2392 says:

        Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to post your information. A special AFHM thanks and salute to you and your father for your service.

        • Bilal says:

          Kindly please inform us on the ranking criteria and the parameters measured.great work by the way

          • alon2392 says:

            The list is simply a culmination of a number of factors. It does not, nor way it intended, in any way diminish the accomplishments of other special forces around the world.

  18. Air training corps lad says:

    What most don’t realise the SAS have around 4 special types of training that each solider has to go through infantry, anti terrorism, body guarding, and intelligence.
    They also have a mountain squad, mobility squad, boat squad, air squad and training takes around 3-4 years average compared to 32 marines.
    I respect the seals as they took out bin laden.
    But the SAS deserve to be at the top find out more by typing in SAS survival secrets into you tube and so SAS are you tough enough.

  19. ajay says:

    indian special forces like para commandos and nsg are better than pakistani special forces.this was very well seen in the indo pakistani war

    • GayHind says:

      Read history before writing! Pakistan beat India in 1965 war and in Kargil despite being 10 times smaller and having 1/3 of the army!

      • Trish says:

        lol. Madrassah in Pak are corrupting your mind and knowledge. Never have Pak defeated India. We have the instrument of surrender signed by your leader to show you as evidence of Paki’s defeat in ’65.
        Well, Kargil is still out despite you having the element of surprise.

        • QRS says:

          Well Trish the signed document must be dated 5th December 1971, not September 1965 it was Indian PM who requested UN to intervene otherwise trucks full of Bodies of Indian Army Men were sent to Delhi in 1965 who were day dreaming of having a glass of wine in Lahore Gymkhana.

      • Marcos says:

        Let me quote TIME magazine about the result of 1965 war:

        TIME magazine reported that India held 690 mi2 of Pakistan territory while Pakistan held 250 mi2 of Indian territory in Kashmir and Rajasthan. Additionally, Pakistan had lost almost half its armour temporarily.[74] The article further elaborates,

        Severely mauled by the larger Indian armed forces, Pakistan could continue the fight only by teaming up with Red China and turning its back on the U.N.

  20. MNDEWA says:

    Commando is soldier trained to accomplish complex mission in limited time and number.In my opinion we can rank them in continent wise,by starting with africa; I am sure tanzania commandos are the best in africa because they involved in war that liberated south africa, zimbabwe mozambique, shelisheli and recent in commoro. This commando unit provide training to most of the east african nations army.You cant compare tz commando and us commando b’se in range us commando use binocula to hit the target while tz commando can hit the same target by using just the eye.

  21. Biggsy says:

    There are many SF groups in the world that deserve a mention, they’re all trained to highest standards. Nearly all of these groups will say that the standard is set by the British SAS & maybe there are groups with less operational losses, or loss of man power, but they all respect that the SAS are where the modern concept of commando warfare originated. So whether you all believe that other groups are better trained, better equipped, get better results. SAS set the standard & it’s not hard to come in & improve on a standard. So the fact that the British armed forces are the most thoroughly trained armed forces in the world & SAS/SBS have the most thorough selection process in the world. They deserve the number 1 spot, I’d imagine many specfor personnel would agree, no matter where they come from.

  22. Sami says:

    So basically everyone on the comment section thinks they’re native special forces are the best, which is totally normal. In my opinion we should look at the combat records of these troops rather than how harsh their training is etc.

    I find it funny that someone mentioned Finnish Special Forces since we don’t really have any.

    • Juha says:

      What? We do have.

      Erikoisjääkäripataljoona (ErikJP)Specialjaeger batallion
      Laskuvarjojääkärikomppania (LjK) Paratrooper batallion
      Erikoisjääkärikomppania (ERIKJK) Specialjaeger company
      Erikoisoperaatio-osasto (EOS) Special operation unit
      Sukeltajakoulu (SukK) Diver school/Combat divers
      Erikoistoimintaosasto (ETO) Special Action Unit
      Elektronisen sodankäynnin erikoisjoukot (ELSO) Electronic Warfare Special Force
      Erikoisrajajääkärikomppania (ErikRJK) Special Border Jaeger Company

      • -_- says:

        Jep ja nämä osastojen nimet varmaankin kannattaa kertoilla muualle. EOS ja ETO esimerkiksi sellaisia osastoja joista ei löydy PV:n sivuilta mitään merkintöjä. On olemassa tiettyjä syitä minkä takia kaikkia asioita ei kannata käydä kertomassa netissä.

  23. killol mehta says:

    what about indian marcos?????

  24. Com-5USNavy says:

    While comparing the capabilities of most tier 1 operators is like comparing shades of black, there is one glaring omission from your list. The most selective and capable group of operators in the world exists outside of the military umbrella; this group is the CIA’s SAD (Special Activities Division), the members of SAD receive the SOG (Special Operations Group) designation. All SOF operators are talented and I’d be confident with any of them at my side. We’ve had JTF-2, SAS, SASR, Shayetet 13, GSG9, as well as a number of lesser known operators train with us and honestly the only difference is the accent for the most part. I have to say the SAS operatives were the worst to have on base, but still capable. However, given that SAD hand picks their operators out of all the US SOF operators(DEVGRU, Delta Force, 24th STS, Army Rangers, etc.) and only deal in high level HUMINT and the highest level black or grey ops carried out by NCS in conjunction with USSOCOM or JSOC these operators are without a doubt in my mind the most capable and successful SOF on the planet.

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you first for your service and then for taking the time to add such valuable input to this post. We appreciate your visiting our web-site.

  25. aditya patil says:

    in the war between india & pak,a soldier of maratha light infantry alone killed about 6 ssg how can ssg be in top 10.also gs9 is better than many others in this should also include the basis on what you created this list,so as to make your point clear.

    • alon2392 says:

      We appreciate your input. The list is not definitive – after reviewing the overall operations of these groups and what they’ve accomplished – the top ten group was assembled. Would not expect everyone to agree, which is what makes blogs so informative – others insights. There isn’t a special operations force in the world that doesn’t deserve recognition. Thank you for visiting our web-site and taking the time to post your comment.

  26. Dan says:

    I have to say, I like how you acknowledge that your selection is not definitive and that all special force units in the world are brave men.

  27. aamer says:

    I think the list is pretty much accurate but given the choice I would have put Israeli S13 along with Neavy seal 6 at number 2. Delta force should be the number 2 too with S13 and neavy seal 6. Indian MARCOS had played a significant role during the mumbai siege too. And i don’t think anyone can actually surpass the SAS. They are the ultimate grandmasters of special forces. Look out for SWADS from’ Bangladesh. It is a new unit but dubbed as one of the most sought after unit for the future.

  28. Lance says:

    I would like to see Canada’s JTF2 get more recognition. Like most Special Forces, JTF2 work in secrecy, coupled with Canada’s low key diplomacy they do not garner much attention. But do not underestimate this special ops unit. Its record in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Haiti speaks for itself. “In 2004, an estimated 40 members of JTF2 serving with Task Force K-Bar were awarded Presidential Unit Citation by the U.S. government for service in Afghanistan. While serving with Task Force K-Bar, Commander Rear Admiral Robert Harwood, a US Navy Seal, stated that the JTF2 team under his command was his first choice for any direct action.”

    • Brian says:

      Absolutely agree with the above comment…Being involved in several conflicts, the Canadians were better trained, worked harder but also knew how to handle any situation. They are trained in so many disciplines that they are the equivalent to 2 Delta force operatives. And I am a writer for Janes…

  29. Tomasz Tobor says:

    Yoram Halevi, head of the israeli special forces, said that if he would want to perform a mission with any spec ops team in the world, it would be the GSG9. And sorry, you got it wrong. The german GSG9 didnt perform a famous raid in Frankfurt Airport, but in Mogadishu, Somalia. It was a machine hijacked by arabian terrorist in order to extort the release of their german terrorist brothers, who were in jail in Germany. This force was the first to ever perform such kind of a raid and quite successfully as they rescued all 87 hostages without any victims. What is maybe an indicator that they might be the worlds best is (think about it) that in 1700 completed missions they only used their weapons 5 times!! (that is certainly unmatched) and only lost one man once + 2 in Iraq (in an ambush during a transport trip). However, its hard to compare them to all those military subgroups as they are not!! It s unique, but they are part of the police force,(so also perform a lot of high-end SWAT operations in Germany) but are used internationally in all these terrorism cases (piracy, airplane hijacking, diving, parachuting) as the military special Forces KSK can must get an authorization by the parliament which is almost impossible in pacifist Germany.2005 in a worldwide SWAT Team competition they won 8 out of 8 challenges against dozens of SWAT Teams, the next year 4 out of 8 and won again. Other than that, thumbs up for my polish brothers and SAS.

    • bob d says:

      gsg9 at mogadishu were led by 2 members of the sas.the list is a good list but people will always favour there own nation.british sf aussie sf canadian jtf 2 yank delta,st6 and israelis in my opinion are the elite of the elites due to quality of men,training equipment and experience.c.i.a s.a.d recruits men at the end of their military careers so although highly capable,just past their prime.1 unit not mentioned is american isa aka the activity,grey fox.super secret

  30. Tomasz Tobor says:

    I might also add that GSG9 performed a raid on a group that was just days away from a terrorist attack on public transportation in Germany that was going to be worse than the big attacks in Madrid and London (larger scope of explosion was planned and all materials ready). But again GSG9 is really an odd melange between SWAT and classic (mil.) special ops.

  31. Mel says:

    Id say this is absolutely impossible to list into a satisfactory level to equate to an answer any soldier who has served with any of these units to accept.

    The truth is most developed countries have excellent special op and or security forces and within each group are numbers of men that excel further than the rest.

    Its also true that one group may specialize further at one particular area than another or may be better equipped or supported than another.

    Id say the important point is that the best in the world work with the best in the world, that includes a fair few of the above list and further those mentioned in posts by others. A good friend of mine in SBS was caught out by a far less well trained Gurkha or a training mission. He told me he never forgot that lesson. Proving that even the best, can and will at times, be bettered by others.

    Id say the truth is there will likely be a number of extreme trained units working outside any envelope mentioned above taking part in many things almost no one will ever know about.

    No one really needs to be defensive on their countries behalf, No one is the best is the truth, some are just better at some things than others IMO.

  32. Joel says:

    You should check out the MARCOS..They hold training camps with US seals and other forces extensively and have had many successful missions notable in Sri Lanka(1989) and Mumbai(2008).

  33. Todd Ferguson says:

    Coming from a military family (both my parents served in the RAN – Royal Australian Navy) plus one Uncle who served in the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) and another Uncle who served in the RAA Special Forces (Royal Australian Army – Special Forces), I have a deep interest in combat soliders and the various defence forces around the world and of course, my comment may come across as biased but I find it strange that the Australian SAS or Special Forces didn’t rate a mention in the top 10. Having done a lot of reading and research into the the history of modern warfare and the various special forces units around the world, the most common trend I found was that the Australian Special Forces, British SAS and Canadian JTF2 are consistently regarded by their peers (other international Special Forces units) as the BEST of the BEST!

    Only this morning I read an article regarding an interview Aussie journalists did yesterday with the NATO Commander-in-Chief ‘Admiral Stavridis’ where he said and I quote in regards to the Australian Special Forces, “Some of the areas I think Australia is very strong in are special operations.

    “You have one of the top forces in the world.”

    Interesting eh? Although, his comment does have to be taken with a grain of salt as on the day he was interviewed, Australia was celebrating it’s holiest remembrance day, ANZAC Day so perhaps he was just being polite :o)


    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you for the information you provided. Certainly enlightening. The AFHM salutes your military family.

  34. Henrik says:

    Interesting list, I would probably put British SAS up there as nr. 1 as well considering their history. In recent time they performed valiantly in not only Afghanistan and Iraq, but also Sierra Leone (Operation Barras). If we set aside paramilitary/non-military forces such as CIA SAD, GSG 9 and GIGN (France), I would state a case for 1.SFOD-D(Delta Force, I rank them higher than DEVGRU given there secrecy, getting Iraq when it was at its peak of hostilities, DEVGRU getting Afghanistan) as second and then DEVGRU, Alpha Group of Russia(seizure of afghani government building in 1979, numerous actions in northern and southern Caucasus, most recently South Ossetia), Australian SASR( their record in Vietnam speaks for itself), Canadian JTF2 (they also served in Iraq) and Polish GROM (participating in the seizure of a damm with Seals during initial ops in Iraq). Sayeret Matkal of Israel should also get a mention for their participation in Entebbe, the raid on Black September in Lebanon and successfully storming a hijacked plane in 1972 with Ehud Barack as a participant).

  35. Red Berets says:

    Unfortunately,country with a good marketing have the best special forces in this days,
    What about Serbian special force KOBRE?
    The wars in former Yugoslavia had cobras fighting with the British SAS, U.S. Marines. Only one member was lost in this combat with the British SAS.
    Nobody is talking about this.

    • alon2392 says:

      We would gladly accept some enlightenment on these other forces. This was just a top ten list from one perspective. Would gladly accept any postings on any other forces.

  36. BencongSlebor says:

    Where is Indonesian KOPASSUS ??

  37. Robert Timm says:

    A special force unit overlooked but that suffered the heavest casualty rates of any units during WW 1 and WW2 Also so fearsome no one has dared to take
    them on for the past 60 years. Navy submarine service. H

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you for that additional information. Many, many relatively unknown stories still lie hidden from WWI and WWII. We apprecaite your bringing this to light. Any additional information you would like to provide us would be appreciated.

  38. Fajrul says:


    Formed in 1952, the Indonesian Army’s feared special forces group quickly established a bad name for themselves by spearheading government military campaigns.

    Famous ops: In 1981, an Islamic extremist group hijacked Garuda Flight 206. After the aircraft landed, Kopassus commando executed a fast-paced operation, killing three hijackers and freeing 50 passengers.



    • Muhammad Nauman says:

      so what if indian commandos are traning german??? THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THAT PAKISTAN’S SSG ARE AT 1ST PLACE AND INDIAN CAN B ON 2ND…

  41. ryan says:

    Does anyone know anything about the Turkish Maroon Berets and how they compare to the SF units listed here?

    • Paladin says:

      Listen, direct action is a one trick pony and really a small part of the bad-assery involved in the SOF communities. Selection does not decide who is the toughest. It decides who has the right personality and brains to do a set of tasks while staying focused under pressure. Trying to figure out who is best asks an irrelevant question. If there is a nail, you use a hammer. But the hammer outperforms nothing if it faces a screw or a bolt. And if LEADERS only have hammers, then ALL problems are nails!

      • Yiğitcan says:

        Your reply is funny, because French special forces are taking education from Turkish Maroon Berets (:
        Turkish Maroon Berets chosen as a Best special forces in thw World 3 times and find place in first 3 in 9 times. It’s impossible to not being in 10. Moreover, German, Polish or French forces dont fight with anything for years. But Turkish Maroon Berets always fighting versus PKK, Kurdish at North IRAQ and syrians on border. Don’t do racism and make a proper research before writing something.

        • Barbapapa says:

          “French forces dont fight with anything for years”. You slept during 60 years!!! Afghanistan, Mali, Ivory Coast, the Balkans, Chad, Rwanda, Somalia…

  42. Chewie77 says:

    The Aussie SASR Regiment was founded in 1957, it did have British instructors at the start, their foundations came from the Z force units of the WW2,they did amazing feats, raids into Japanese occupied Singapore harbour was just 1 successful mission. It was the Aussie that were outnumbered 100 – 1 in New Guinea, that finally broke the Japanese back in the jungles there, no help from anyone. Vietnam, just ask anyone that served there just how good they were, phantoms of the jungle is what the VC called them. Afghanistan the SASR saved US Army Rangers from being killed. Reports that US special forces can only stay concealed for 2 days without resupply, the Brits 4 days but the aussies can go 7 days, even the Brits who are very hard to impress want to no how we do it. I could go on the successes of aussie sas and how they have saved America lives in war zones, but you get the picture. Australian SAS should be in top3.

  43. Yash Karnik says:

    The list is good and I think all the forces mentioned there have earned their right by doing their bit for their countries. But again there would be no list which can be agreed upon as every country has its own strategy and thinking in use of its special forces to project power in the region. Good list and hope you keep on updating the same.

  44. Dan says:

    And what about italian team? Comsubin, col moschin, goi, gis eccetera,

    • alon2392 says:

      Please feel free to shed some light on the Italian Team. This is but one possible list. We are open and encourage any additional information you can provide.

    • bob d says:

      italians?really.the only soldiers who know how to say surrender in every known language and a few that haven’t been spoken for 100 years.

      • Francesco says:

        It seems that you don’t know at all what was the 185 Airborn Division Folgore, at El Alamein battle, who fought against the English tanks, up to the end of their ammo. The used not only the few antitank guns that they had, but they also assaulted them on foot with hand bombs and homemade petrol bottles, when they found that they had nothing more in their hands. Completely destroyed by the overwhelming majority of enemies (both French and English), the few survivors never showed the white flag, and didn’t raised their hands, keeping their bayonets in their hands. They received the honor of the arms, and they surprised, Churchill, who said “We really must bow in front of the rest of those who have been the ‘LIONS’ of the Folgore Division”. According to the BBC, “The last survivors of Folgore have been gathered without forces in the desert, no one of them surrended, no one left his weapon”. It is also famous the quote of Erwin Rommel, about El Alamein: “The German soldier has impressed the world, however the Italian Bersagliere soldier has impressed the German soldier”. The war was lost, the heroes died, and nobody seems to remember.

  45. Df says:

    I want to know who would be better Navy SEALS or jtf2

    • alon2392 says:

      Such questions are often answered differently due to each individual’s perspective. One team might be better equipped to handle one situation, while the other would prevail under other circumstances. Thanks for visiting our web-site and for posting this question. Anyone care to share your perspective?

  46. gw says:

    No u.s army SF love?

    • alon2392 says:

      We LOVE all our military. As noted in the article, a top ten list of anything can never be definitive unless it is based on specific facts. Would love for you to share some of the information you have regarding the US Army SF. They all perform incredible tasks and possess strengths other units do not.

  47. Kam says:

    Nice work you placed on the list. Appreciate your effort.
    However i do tend to disagree on some points. I do believe the Delta Force (CAG) deserve the #1 position.
    They have the training and experience, the money (funding), the weapons, and the intelligence needed to perfect ANY mission.
    DevGru and SAS are great, but i dont think they are better than the CAG. Always beware of the silent killer.
    Thats just my personal view.
    Your list could get more interesting by adding incredibly powerful yet “very unknown to the internet world” units like the CIA SAD and highly secretive US Army Intelligence Support Activity.

    To the guy who said the “Canadian JFT2 did what the Americans couldnt”.. umm huh? I find that utterly hard to digest. Especially when US SOFs have been on missions the JTF2 only dream about.

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you for your input Kam. Always nice to hear someone else’s perspective. May do another article one day about those “very unknown to the internet world” units you mentioned. Thanks!

  48. Richard says:

    The British Army is the best in the world period…
    It’s not just our special forces.
    No other nation on earth fights like the British, it’s in our blood.

    If England had been much bigger than it is you’d all have been drinking tea and playing cricket for a very long time by now.

    Respect to all soldiers alive and deceased, from all nations.

  49. saifus sakib says:

    What about GIGN ?

  50. Jo says:

    The sas is the best because they rehearse scenarios over and over so when they have to they get it right saving as many hostages as possible. The GSG9 failed their mission and all of the Israeli athletes were killed on September 5, 1972. On October 17–18, 1977 Lufthansa Flight 181 was hijacked by four Palestinian terrorists demanding the release of Red Army Faction members. GSG9 called for the help of the SAS and all hostages where saved.

    Navy Seals may of killed Bin Larden but what fails to get mentioned was the fact SAS was stationed in a compound down the road reconing Bin Lardens compound. So technically it was a joint mission.

    So to sum up the SAS is the best because they have better ratio of hostages saved and better ratio of successful missions.

    Also their motto is who dare wins and they tend to win.

    Also check out Elite Forces SAS Television Programme

    • Tobias G says:

      GSG-9 was formed on 26. September 1972! After the munich massacre.
      We didn’t asked the SAS for help, the SAS made the offer to help GSG-9. They there never involved in the operation.

  51. Rob Anderson says:

    Something that the average person wouldn’t know is that many ot these SF units work together. I know of pictures taken of known jtf2 members wearing uniforms of several other military units. As far as I’m concerned the best SF is the one that utilizes as many other SF as needed in order to get the job done.

  52. khalid issa says:

    lebanese Hizbulluh special forces are #1 in the world why? in the 2006 war between Israel and hizbulluh:
    hizbulluh had 5000-10000 fighters while Israel moved 40000 soldiers. hizbulluh lost 250 fighters while Israel lost between 121 to 2300 soldiers and also lost 186 tanks destroyed. Israel outnumbered hizbulluh by 5.33 to 1 in army numbers and at least 10 to 1 in fire power technology with its artillery, tanks, air force UAVs reconnaissance planes and navy ships while hizbulluh had infantry force and anti tank Russian missile cornet. after taking the military balance between both armies and the casualties and losses on both sides at the minimum levels, we reach to a conclusion that hizbulluh elite force is the greatest #1 in the world 21st century. in addition in 1997 16 soldiers in Shayetet 13 Israeli navy seals were under an ambush by hizbulluh fighters, 13 Israeli soldiers were killed while hizbulluh didn’t lose any fighter the rest 3 Israeli soldiers were evacuated by Israeli air force.

  53. ameer hamza says:

    SSG is much much better than israili forces,navy seals,polish,german and other forces..they are the toughest commandos thats why they deserve no 1 place….

  54. ameer hamza says:

    SSG commandos are the toughest soldiers on this planet…they deserve no1 or 2 place…they are much much better than israili forces,polish,german and also american navy seals..

  55. Ahmed says:

    how you for got Egypt special forces, 777 unites and 999

    • alon2392 says:

      This was simply one perspective of top ten forces. Would love for your to provide information on the Egyptian forces you have mentioned.

  56. Hemant says:

    I know most of them are really good ! But i am surprised to see there no Indian Special Force include here. India has quite a few
    NSG, Navy-SEALS, The Para Group to name a few. Not sure how these were missed. Its a good list although. :)

    • alon2392 says:

      Thank you for your input. Feel free to submit some information on the groups you would like to see here.

  57. Beth90 says:

    what about italian COMSUBIN?

  58. Adipati says:

    I think the best commando is Israel, and the worst is Saudi Commando. They have the most advanced equipments but lack of brain.

    • Muhammad Nauman says:

      So what??? PAKISTAN’S SSG is supporting Saudia! so nothing is going to happen 2 Saudia and 1 thing more what happened 2 israel in 1984, when israel flew 2 fighters plan TO DESTROY KRL in PAKISTAN?? your pilots Just DONT HAVE THE COURAGE TO ENTER IN PAKISTAN’S TERRITORY WHAT CAN israel DO???

  59. Paras says:

    You skipped the MARCOS/Para commandos from India. I dont know abt ur source, but MARCOS thrash the SEALS in hand to hand combat and strategy based training. Lack of equipment is obvious and should be irrelevant as the force which is ready to sacrifice everything should be considered deadly

    • alon2392 says:

      This top ten list certainly does not imply that any other group is not considered deadly. Specially trained military forces are the best of the best, but only ten can make a top ten list. Please feel free to add any further information to enlighten us on the MARCOS/Para commandos from India.

  60. soorya bear grylls says:

    This is not good.I mean that special forces of all the countries should fight face 2 face then only one spl.fprce will survive that is our MARCOS of INDIA.

  61. Afghan says:

    Hay Guys Afghan Special force and Afghan commandos should be listed coz they are fighting the hardest war ever fought you know how they can manage what us and other cant

    • Farooq Khan says:

      Afghan is saying right. Afghan forces are fighting in extreemly bad conditions where they have lack of equiptment as well. But their is no need to worry about, Pakistan SSG represents all Muslim countries.

  62. ankit says:

    Please also include indian special forces such as NSG, marine commando

    • alon2392 says:

      Will look into the Indian special forces for a future article. Please feel free to provide us with any information on this group.

  63. winkymcwink69 says:

    It is not the ones who are heard but the ones who are heard of who reckon the most from heaven and earth

  64. Lacoste says:

    I am so sure dat Nigerian Special forces ar Wack…dey make me laff…I Wud say Seals den SAS…den I rate d GSG nd den d Isrealis,den d delta Force and den d Canadians…dis ar d elites of d elites…I salut dey work ethic and bravery in d fight against Terrorism…pls remove SSG 4rm ur list,its embarrassn

  65. zcoll says:

    In the Book – SAS The World’s Best by Peter Darman it compares the Elite Maritime Units around the world including British SAS and SBS, US Navy SEALs, French Naval Special Forces, Isreali S13, Italian COMSUBIN to name a few. The author comes to a conclusion that states “COMSUBIN has the best overall training and resources”.

    Lol you didn’t even put them in the list, probably you don’t know what you are talking abaout at all

    • alon2392 says:

      As stated, a list such as this is ALWAYS subjective. Your input is appreciated. With as many elite units that exist throughout the world, no one can come up with an absolute list unless they are using certain statistics on which to base their list. This list was simply an overall look at the units.

  66. zcoll says:

    bob d, lol, really?
    And what about the high courage shown by British soldiers in the famous Malvinas battle, vs, such a strong enemy.
    You and your cliches are just ridiculous

  67. Muhammad Nauman says:

    I think SSG is best!!

  68. josh says:

    the canadian jtf 2 should have been in the top 5 but everbody always overlooks us because we are in the us’s shadow.the jtf 2 has the farthest recorded sniper kills just to throw some facts out there.

  69. John Paul jones says:

    Most foreign spec ops lack experience.
    U.S. DEVGRU or SEAL team 6 all member have 10+ years of experience. Their basic training has a 60% drop out rate. If SAS or spetnaz were even good why did Taliban defeat them?

  70. Geet Kapur says:

    MARCOS has been missed in this list. MARCOS( Marine Commandos ) are one of the best in the world and the only one who has the access to Navy Seal’s Training regime. They feared among the terrorist groups as ( Daadi Waala Faug) i.e. The Bearded Army. They have been in existance since 1960s.

  71. Yavy says:

    During the past competitions German and Turkish armies became number 1.

  72. Dirty Dan says:

    Does it really matter? no matter how much you dress it up they are all people. all fighting for what counts. freedom. In the end they all bleed the same… im kinda partial to the jtf2 though (not saying they are the best, but the’re up there!). They were a top secret branch in the canadian military (most canadians havnt even heard about them until recently).

  73. veg says:

    I think everyone knows how hard to be a special forces member/operator, all these soldiers that operators have worked hard more than any soldier in the world, dnt care which country, one thing I can say is that the special forces in my country are the best of them all, Recce Special forces of South Africa, they are well trained, they use what they have, they improvise compared to those who use advanced equipment, they carry all their equipments they going to use including food+water+ammo+weapons ! Let mi stop here its a question its the fact.

  74. InPussywetrust says:

    Well guys maybe you don’t know but considering that US military Corps comes to Italy just for training the list would be different. In particular the “Comsubin” and 9° regiment ” Col Moschin” are one of the best in the world, the commandos of the Italian Navy train the Navy Seals. The Italian Navy has made history since WWI

  75. Minhaj says:

    SSG is best! Indians, have an irritating problem since 1947 when pakistan had created :P

  76. Minhaj says:

    Please Indians Don’t be frustrated! We know that Indian Special Forces can not give the tough time to Pak (SSG) because your special one’s only fight with mouse! :P

  77. Shero says:

    where is egyptian special forces (4Seal) ??

  78. Marco91 says:

    It hurts watching too many American movies, enter the Pakistan special forces and not the Italian ones? You have forgotten that the first nation in the world to introduce the special forces was Italy? Have you forgotten that we were to teach you everything? Take laugh. Long live the COMSUBIN (Italian Navy) and 9th Col Moschin (Italian Army)

  79. OMAR says:


  80. Shyam Bahadur Gurung says:

    Hats Off for all Special Force , caution!!! Gurkhas are sharping their Khukuri’s…. Will catch you soon …

  81. M says:

    the italy COMSUBIN is one of the best special forces

  82. First name says:

    Has nobody heard of the ARW? No? My point exactly low profile better ops

  83. Rohit says:

    Okay , lets start by saying, i dont know on what basis this list has been made

    3. Delta? – If someone takes out 15 mins, to read Delta’s operation, he would find nothing but failures. Yes they have experience, but too many failures to be counted. Pls move on from video games.

    5. GSG9 – To start of , its a Police unit. Yes they have been involved in ONE Anti-hijacking operation, so now they are the best? Really?

    6. GROM – Okay, a Polish Special force, a country with a negligible military. Just because they worked with US in a few ops brings them to the Top 10. Everything is seen from US’s point of view,right?

    8. EKO Cobra – Please some one kill me.

    9. SSG – Okay , a new name for a westerner. But again, if someone takes 15 mins to read their operations, they were annihalated in the Indo-Pak Wars. In one situation, a team of Indian Northern light infantry ,led by Bana Singh, defeated them. As i type this, the Indian Paracommandos are taking on the Pakistani SSG in Operation Shala Bhata 2013. Atleast 10 SSG killed, no lose on the Indian side.

    • Corey Hebb says:

      I agree to disagree with this list however in my personal opinion the delta force should be ranked higher then devgru, there is alot of stuff delta dose that is better then most teams on here when ever delta fails a mission it is because recon fucked up i think that jtf-2 or jtf-x should be included for this list maybe not jtf-x becuse so little is known about them they virtually are unexistant but jtf-2 has ver failed a mission if you judge them off of that training video that was cansof teir 2 unit. have a nice day

  84. Rohit says:

    IMHO, a list should be made, not only keeping the Special forces into view, but also the overall Military of that country and their Recent Warfare experience.

    2 countries with the most warfare experience is Israel and India and also US,followed by Uk.

    The Top 2 Disputed Borders are Israel-Palestine and Kashmir.

    The maker is asking for more info on the Paracommandos and MARCOS. There is Wikipedia for that, if he is really interested.

    MARCOS’s operations are not detailed, but reading the Paracommandos’s ops and their success rate, it wouldn be exagerratin it i use the word MIND BOGGLIN.

    Anyways, here’s a list i made based on their Selection,Training duration ,Experience and MOST importantly – SUCCESS

    • Farooq Khan says:

      Dear Rohit, why you are keen to prove MARCOS, the best force amoung all? Don’t you know MARCOS capabilites against LeT in Kashmir, National Front of Tamil Elam in Taminado. Neccilists, Burma Front, Asam Riffles and Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka?

  85. Siddhesh says:

    India’s special forces Marcos are much better and effective than Porkis!

  86. Siddhesh says:

    I dunno why British SAS is at the top. Seriously US Navy Seals are well and truely the best. For that matter of fact Israeli’s should be rated higher. Their effectiveness and success rates are the best.

  87. alexson says:

    can you share about VAT69 COMANDO from Malaysian

    • alon2392 says:

      The following was some information I found in a Wikipedia article. Any additional information you’d like to provide us with would be welcomed.

      The VAT 69 (Very Able Troopers 69), also known as Task Force, Charlie Force and Special Project Team, is modelled on the British Special Air Service Regiment. It was formed in 1969 (hence the name – 69) as a small combat unit to counter the tactics and techniques of the communist terrorists. It is began when the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, The Honorable Allahyarham (late) Tun Dr Ismail proposed the formation of a special force for fighting the communist insurgency in 1969.

      In October 1969, 60 from 1600 officers and men of the Jungle Squad applied for VAT 69 training and qualified themselves for basic commando training. A group of drill instructors from British SAS were sent to Fort Kemar, Perak to supervised the inaugural 69 Commando. Only 30 personnels managed to pass and they formed the nucleus troop of 69th Commando Battalion.

      In the 1970s, VAT 69 started its initial operations and successfully deployed against the communist threats. As a result, a significant number of communist terrorists were neutralised and large amounts of weapons and equipment were seized.

      In 1977, three new squadrons were raised and trained by the New Zealand Special Air Service and a special course was also conducted to train their own instructors. This expansion programme was completed in 1980 and VAT 69 had fully equipped units with its own logistics department.

  88. Khaled says:

    HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Egypt Have The First Special Forces

  89. Condor says:

    Top 3 SF’s are the spetsnaz,

  90. Condor says:

    Top 3 SF’s are the spetsnaz,israels shayetet13,US delta force

  91. Shashank says:

    Where the **** is INDIAN MARCOS? They are probably the best one?

  92. ajay says:

    where is nsg?
    10th International Combat Team Competition 2007 was conducted by GSG9 at Bonn, Germany from 2 to 7 Sep 2007. A total of 50 teams of various elite forces, predominantly from Europe, participated in the competition. NSG team won the obstacles cum endurance competition, a first for any team from Asian countries.
    9th International Body Guards Tournament 2007 was conducted at Yalta, Ukraine from 17 to 22 Sep 2007. A total of 27 teams from various countries participated. NSG team had following achievements:
    1st position in Team Firing Competition.
    1st position and competition Record in individual Firing Competition by Naik Raj Kumar.

  93. Jafo says:

    CIA: Special Operations Group (SOG)is #1. It’s obvious the Arthur didn’t put too much thought into the list. Those guys are hand picked from Navy Seals and Delta Force. Then they have to go and graduate from the CIA farm. Then train more and more to become SOG. They make the SAS look like ginger beer. Yet, Brits are scared to even mention SOG.

  94. Taylor says:

    Indian MARCOS
    Indian MARCOS are one of the best forces present in the world, HALO and HAHO trained, Equipped with best Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and real-time war Equipments required. These guys are emotionally very trained and highly motivated when it comes to defending their own country. The rejection rate during the selection is as high as 98%, that’s why India has only 2000 marine commandos. Sooner or Later this special group will be on TOP and very soon the death of Pakistan (A terrorist promoting country) will be delivered by the hands of MARCOS.
    See, indian special forces/MARCOS- they are the one who are prepared keeping in view the worst ever situation. So they are the best.
    Secondly, unfortunately we as india have no. Of bad experieneces as terrorism, warfronts, hill terrain warfare, sea front war etc… But the good is that we are more familiar with the things, so we know better than any one how to face the situations, thus they are trained keeping in view all the things.
    Thirdly india is a land of different terrain ( almost all sorts are available here), so they are trained in different terrains.
    Last but not least, you can come out with a strategy for a mind driven person, some powerful enemy but for an emotionally driven with the fire of enthusiasm & love for the country. You can’t stop them.
    The Indian MARCOS is one of the most powerful special forces on the planet. They defeat the Navy Seals in terms of physical and mental traing. In fact the only edge the Seals have over MARCOS is technology. But, by 2020 when India becomes a superpower, the MARCOS will be the most powerful special force in the world.

  95. maruthu vignesh says:

    respected friends
    i am working at special force in india cf unit am affraid for unit realy i am appreciate because we are our nation real hero then i congrats and wish u friends

  96. Dan Amba says:

    I enjoyed reading your views but the debate is pointless. 99% of posters are to bias to think outside the box. Seems as though everyone thinks their country has the best forces. I’m a Brit and I’m proud of our SF and military history, it stands up with anyone in the world. Do we have the best SF’s though? Many people think so but I’m sure the Americans, Ozzies, Polish, Russians, Germans, Israelis etc also have incredible SF’s. Thankful I don’t have to go through their training!

  97. Tertius says:

    I’ve done some research on the Russian Spetsnaz and I think they should be higher on the list. You are right about the facts that you are giving about them, but you should also mention that Spetsnaz soldiers are specialised in three fields: counter-terrorism, sabotage and assassination.

  98. Atif says:

    For all those who disagree with Pakistan SSG. SSg cleared the whole swat valley occupied by 2000 taliban with just 100 ssg commandos..

    • Trish says:


      • Alina says:

        Know that Pakistan’s Swat operation was such a stunning success that today that is a textbook case being taught in military academies around the world. The JCSC Chairman Adm Mike Mullen was knocked out of his senses when he learned what an extraordinary success that was.

  99. Lukas says:

    Polish GROM was formed in 1990 not in 1980!

  100. seal_soul says:

    Im an ex SEAL and the only special forces I would not fight is the Norwegian Special Forces. This may come as a surprise but they are really incredible. They are unknown to most people, which is one of the reason they are so good. They go in, do the job and no one even know they were there. If they had the same budget and equipment as the SEAL`s they would be #1. No question about it. And I really enjoyed working with them. Down to earth and no bragging. Hats off.

  101. Harman says:

    Indian MARCOS should be in top 5

  102. jop says:

    I have to agree with bravo-2 the Challenger II MBT is better than the Abrams M1A2, it has better protection with the Chobam armor which was invented by the British and also copied by the Americans, it is the only tank that has not been penetrated by any anti tank weapons even after multiple hits, but the Abrams has been disabled by the Russian Rpg 26 and 29. If I had to choose a tank to ride for protection I would choose the Challenger II MBT with everything else being equal to the Abrams M1A2 the Challenger II has better protection. I am not British

    • Shah Ahmed says:

      It is 100% correct that Challenger II is much more better than the M1A2 Abrams and the realty is that Abrams even is not a strong contender against the Russian T 90. Because T90 is a tuff machine. But I can say in the range of best tanks I have one name i.e. Israel’s Markava Mark IV. It is a superb monster for enemies… In the stage of Armour, Speed, Accuracy, Tuffness. Even I can say Markava is much best than the Challenger II.

  103. Shah Ahmed says:

    I can say all the countries who’s special forces are against the terrorism are the best forces in this world. We Indians can understand this better because since last 67 years of our independence we are facing terrorism….

  104. Don Jon says:

    Seems like people forget about DEVGRU ( SEAL team 6). They are the most secertive Special ops in the world.
    ( with the expection of black operations) DEVGRU is the most specialized Quick Reaction Force in the world. No one has better training or more advanced equipment.

  105. justsayin says:

    Delta or CAG……. enough said

  106. Deepak says:

    I really think Indian MARCOS are the best, They have best and toughest memebers and top class equipment with special transportation and backed up by R&AW’s high end intelligence.

  107. viraj says:

    You can only test the ranks of special forces by following.
    1. Actual Successful Combat missions.
    2. Fought with Limited resources than enemy, or with less or equal modern weapons than enemy.
    3. Adaptability to different compact operations.

    If following are consider the SAS / SEALs and Delta force has all the technical advancements. What I believe the best Special force unit is Sri Lanka Special Forces. The missions and the success rating is remarkable against the worlds most ruthless and morden terrorist organisation which pioneered the suicide bomb.

  108. rajat singh says:

    what? pakistan force in this and where is the indian marcos and nsg ….???? this list r nt correct ….

  109. madi says:

    i realy dont know much the selection process is taken into consideration and the training….the toughest are the paracomandoes…..who go through the special comando training course in india…and then is the ggk from malasia….
    from what i have been to by my fathe who has gone through the course ….he says….the indian courses are by far the most difficult…..
    in many different ways….

  110. madi says:

    *been told

  111. Hasu says:

    As an Indonesian offcourse I would say that our Kopassus (Army SF) and Denjaka (Marine SF) are among the bests but to say they are number 1 and 2 would not be objective. From what I read about successful missions and the training contents, the Russian Spetsnaz s/b the toughest.

  112. pramod says:

    Where is Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment. They train most of the countries in Asia othe rthan wretched Pakistan and China…

  113. Felix says:

    * Ratings look fair
    * I think that there should be a tie between SAS and SEALS-Team 6.
    * I think that some Chinese SOF units must be included in the top-10. They don’t enjoy the limelight, though they are ‘very’ highly trained.

    * Plenty of Indians getting angry out here just because the Pakistani SOF is included in the list. I trained with them, and i can say for a fact that they are indeed a very highly trained outfit.

    They are very effective especially in their own nation due to a very dependable human intelligence apparatus they have, plus the diverse training regimes they follow.

    I’d, disagree that the Pakistani SSG is similar to the Green Berets of the US Army. From my knowledge, they are much similar to the US Army Ranger’s Elite 75th regiment.

    * Italy, Norway, Finland, Greece, Turkey, S.Korea too have highly trained and well resourced SOF outfits.

    • Rohit says:

      Except the fact that they got slaughtered in most of its known operations against India…be it the 1965 War…1984 Siachen Conflicts or the 1999 War.

      Also there has been situations of Special forces vs Special forces.

      The recent Major infilteration by Pakistan into India saw about 40 SSG commandos, Pakistani Border Action Team(BAT) troops mixed with terrorists into India. India responded by deploying the Paracommandos and the Gorkhas. The Operation lasted 15 days, with 15-20 dead on the Pak side and no losses on the Indian side.
      This is the most recent example, from Sept 2013.

      • Felix says:

        Dear, Rohit the Special Operations Forces operate in high threat environment. There have been operations where the best SOF units have badly failed i.e Operation Eagle Claw. Does that mean that US and British Special Ops are not good enough?

        I, do not know about the Indian SOF, but i speak out of experiance about the Paki SSG. They train very hard with over 30 rifles experience, under each soldier’s belt. Everyone in SSG is a black belt in Kung Fu or Karate and they have a highly experienced Mountain Warfare School.

        Having served in Afghanistan, i did come in regular contact with the Paki SOF guys and i hold great admiration for their professionalism and combat skills, especially in the counter terrorism and counter insurgent warfare regimes. They conducted a huge heli borne op in FATA region which is regarded is a huge success and has been taught in case studies in reputed institutes in the UK and US.

        • yaldram boy says:

          thanks felix. I am pleasantly surprised someone from US with good n accurate knowledge.I mean SSg came into class of its own during operations in FATA. As for my indian friends we are not in a contest with someone else.We are doing whatever we can. only those who came in contact with us know.

        • khan says:

          that sound like genuine review thanx flex.

        • Farooq Khan says:

          SSG’s commitment & dedication to their work is extremely admirable. One of the major proves of their high skilled warfare techniques is , SSG is training to the several Muslim countries special forces in its academies. SSG proved its capabilities against Russian forces in Afghan war & Tamil Tiger in Sri Lanka. While in Kashmir seven hundred thousand Indian troops had been engaged & horrified by only 10000 to 12000 Mujahedeens, which were supposed to train by Paki SSG.

      • Karim Javed says:

        This is what your news channels show, the reality is beyond your imagination. That’s why documents like wikileaks are not for common people.

  114. Andy says:

    NO KOPASSUS ? thats crazy …they are the best without radio

  115. deni says:

    Regarding SPETSNAS.
    what you forget to mention here there are several SPETSNAZ groups in Russia, Police has their SPETSNAZ, but the best SPETSNAS is considered SPETSNAZ ALPHA and SPETSNAZ VYMPEL. In addition there’s also a special forces of Ramzan Kadyrov, which are extreamly trained and experienced in constant battles.
    Isn’t there like international competition where they chose best special forces in the world?

  116. Barbapapa says:

    Ah! Ah! As usual, no credibility when an article is written in the glory of the Anglo-Saxons. Delta Forces are credible only in cinema. The operation eagle is the worst fiasco of the history of special forces.

  117. dilan devaiah says:

    Indian MARCOS is also one of the best Commandos in this world

  118. M R Aslam says:

    NSG commandos of India is also a well trained brave commandos Mr dilan devaiah..

  119. Hector says:

    SAS uses short-medium range weapons, all of their weapons have low range & the least PT requirements. Low to no combat experience. That would be Spetsnaz

  120. iras says:

    Whoever said the Norwegian SF were best got it right. The Malaysians deserve a mention as well.

  121. ajax says:

    1. UK
    2. Indonesia
    3. USA

  122. Leszek miller says:

    There’s no doubt that GROM are the best skilled, efficient and lethal special forces in the world. Whoever claims something different has simply no basic knowledge of this topic.

  123. James Macbrown says:

    The fact that the Danish Huntsmen Corps isnt on this list… Its one of the most active special forces unit in Afghanistan working closely with SEALs and SAS on missions. Their training is almost a direct copy of the SAS’

  124. Ali says:

    above all conclusion: Pakistan SSG is the best in the whole world commandoes.

  125. hasan says:

    hi…you are very forgatful T65green beret iran is the best of special force in all the saw in iraq,lebnon, isreal,suri…and middle este-i am in iran army and redy to any operation all of the world

  126. Pratyay says:

    I have to disagree………..

    I mean SSG??? are you guys serious???
    The Indian MARCOS are much better and deserve a rank in the Top 5 and also GIGN is not even present…..

    Not much of a good list……

    • Arbaaz says:

      Your wrong, SSG are similar to the SAS and Delta force and marcos are similar to the us marines which are bad. Also the rejction rate for SSG is 95% and marcos is 50%.

  127. beingfrank says:

    yo, yore missing a lot more. where are the Norwegians? and where are the Marcos?

  128. Nick says:

    To be realistic, there’s no ‘best’ special forces in the world. It’s an extremely hard topic to argue and always will be. There is no best, just ones that are better in different scenarios, I.e one might be better in counter-terrorism, whereas another might excel in sabotage type missions. Saying that any one of the numerous is incorrect, it’s impossible to detirmine because of all the different positions the operators fill. Saying one is the best because of a single success is useless, it gives no hard evidence that they are repeatedly excelling in all fields of combat and security. Going by the selection and training process is also wrong, what’s to say that the one with the highest attrition rate is best? It’s just showing that on average, people don’t enjoy themselves as much in the course in comparison to other countries/units. All the names that have been thrown around here are, without a doubt, all equal within their own capacity, deducting the edge that some may have in weaponry and/or technology. They all do the same job, but in a different manner, they are all elite, or else they wouldn’t be deemed Special Forces by their own governments and those abroad. No matter what, there’ll always be this debate, due to misinformed and extremely biased persons try to argue their point without any backing evidence or even clarity on the subject. So all in all, disregard the ones who think that their countries are the ‘best’, they’re not, no countries is better across the board, just different units do better at different jobs, thank you

  129. Jerry says:

    Has anyone not heard of Australia’s Special Operations Task Group, or SOTG? Comprised of operators from the 1st and 2nd Commando Regiment, the Special Air Service Regiment(SASR), the Incident Response Regiment(IRR) and the 171st Aviation Squadron, they all form under SOCCOM. They’re brothers in arms, and have repeatedly shown an extreme amount of flexibility under strenuous missions in the Middle East. They cover all boards of special operations as well, from precise insertion with the SASR, to brute force actions undertaken by the Commando Regiments, to the elite group of operators who form the Tactical Assault Groups East and West(TAG East and TAG West) who protect the nations borders. We have an extreme amount of dexterity on operations as well, being able to adapt to situations almost instantly, and by having a big emphasis by the Australian government, they have a fair amount of freedom in equipment selection, further increasing each soldiers ability in battle, knowing exactly what limitations he has, and being such a small group, they know everyone in their respective Regiments and Corps, further increasing their operational capability. And if you disagree, look at the countless war documentaries on the Internet about SOTG, especially the one that involves Task Force 66, which is rotation 18 for the SOTG, some amazing success stories there that I can’t even begin to explain

  130. Steve says:

    Air Force Pararescue(PJ)are very elite at what they do. Their mission is not nearly as glamorous many on this list, however.

    I think you could make a case for any country’s elite SF units. Many of them are trained to the point of death and operate in the most hostile and dangerous war zones in the world.

    My hat goes off to all of them.

  131. bigdaddy says:

    It is very hard to say who is best. With SF, we never know about all the op’s that go good. We hear mainly about the one’s that failed. I think they are all about the same. But like one poster said, when you have a big military, with even bigger budgets, you are going to have everything at your disposal. Unlike a lot of other nations. When it come’s to pure killing, I’d take the Americans, if it came to political op’s, I’d probably take SAS. And like what’s been stated, SAS, Delta & Seals, seem to always work together. I read one poster say the Seal’s always brag about being the best? Nothing could be further from the truth. They are about the least talkative group out there. Another group who hasn’t made the list, is the contractors. We are seeing more and more of them now days. Another thing, the British & American SF’s have another advantage of being in warfare for years now. So it’s real life training and not make believe. I also don’t think we can over look China and certainly not Russia, I’d also put Israel right up close to the top too. With every border next to the enemy, they have to be pretty good. God Speed to all the soldiers in the world.

  132. buddy says:

    What the elite force are made for???? To protect nation and destroy others??? Based on the public information, the US delta force is the best because they can protect the nation and destroy nations, and they even destroy their own country in international conspiracy.

  133. JaRuL says:

    when GROM strikes or retrieves it does it only once. So all you other ladies show me a 100% survival rate. and please leave the complaining out

  134. Racism says:

    This is wrong. Turkish special forces “Maroon Berets” 4 times repeatedly winner world special forces championship. Maroon Berets best of special forces on a world.

    “Death is honorable. Fear and failure are not.”
    The unit was created to counter any interior or foreign attacks on the Turkish Republic. MB officers receive extensive training and are expected to survive in all environmental conditions.

  135. nadir khan yousafzai says:

    I AM pakistani &can easily say our commandos rare the best but under the present circumstances a not to well trained terrorist or freedom fighter can be tough cookie , i have read that GURKHA regiment in the British army are the most courageous regiment also the Vietnamese had expelled the giant us army. again given the amount of training equipment facilities and money we are no less than the finest commando units of the WORLD. THE pakistani ARMY IS one of the finest in the world even though we lack in financing or lack of modern equipment WE train our soldiers officers to edge of human endurance

  136. anonymous says:

    I think Punjab police of Pakistan should also be in this list. They have the ability to do anything if they want to…

  137. Aun Almani says:

    Pak Army SSG is the best in physical and endurance. Bt Lack of latest equipment bars them from being No. 1 in the world.

  138. Zeerak says:

    Where is Indian Spacial forces :p

  139. Mike Fluner says:

    Israeli Special Forces history tells us that they have best weapon in the world, only thing they have done is to fight lot less equip guerrillas and took heavy losses.

  140. Mohamad Tanvir says:

    PAK SSG ROCKS. I wonder why they are not at No.1 spot, may be because of lacking latest technology.
    But at HEART they are BRAVEST!

  141. Arbaz says:

    To be honest, Americans, British and NATO, they all failed in Afghanistan. Even if they have high tech equipments and training but look around, they have just control in the Kabul, but surroundings again under the control of Talibans, so simply they failed to win against Talibans in mountains and worst conditions. However SSG is performing better against them in mountains even with lack of high tech equipment.

  142. khan says:

    Kindly put some more detail about how you ranked them.

    some more weightage should be given to number of successful operations performed by them.

    Its not just training and equipment that decides the best actually the best should be decided on the bases of its performance on ground.



    • alon2392 says:

      There is no one top ten list that everyone would ever agree on. A number of areas were considered. No forces were intentionally omitted or deliberately overlooked. Well presented opposition or additional information on other forces are welcomed.

  143. Shehriyar Nadeem says:

    Pakistani army should be placed on at least number 4 because they have defeated Indian army in 1965 and Kargil war a 3 times bigger army. These wars still gives Indian army nightmares. We reminded them that we are truly from the blood line of Ghaznavi, Ghauri and Sultan tipu.

  144. Hammad Ahmad says:

    I think that NSG or “National Security Guards” from India should be here!

  145. Hussain Zaidi says:

    Some people are getting jealous because there countries are not in the list but I want to tell them that the countries included in this list are added on looking on ground realities, their training and their abilities. So people should accept this list. :)

  146. Saud says:

    Where is Indian army :)

  147. Anwar Shaheen says:

    S.S.G you are Great……!

    Weapon is not important man behind weapon is important……………


  148. Bilal says:

    Basically all our assumptions come from movies and games. I do not understand what Polish, German, French or German Special Forces have done?
    These forces should be judged not on the basis of how they appear but how and where do they operate.

    • Rohit says:

      The Polish or German havnt done much. Neither have the Austrians.
      The Paks had their chances against India, but failed miserably.

      The French have been active in the NATO wars as well as other operations in Africa.

      and the Indians are missing in the Top 5.

  149. Waqas says:

    Russian, Delta, Seals, SAS and SSG looks good in this list, others are just to fill 5 other places in top ten list…
    No offence, performance in Cambrain Patrol has any impact in this rating?

    Finally, calm down Indians, don’t be the best by saying you are the best…

  150. john says:

    this is a very accurate list its all right

  151. Grant says:

    Even Mark Luttrell, “Lone Survivor” the only survivor of a failed US Navy Seal mission into Afghanistan has said that the Australian SAS were “The best of the best” and he remarked how outstanding fighters they were. He would not have even considered a one on one, although Mark did say, he would have loved to have seen, a one on one with an SAS guy and a Taliban soldier.

  152. dasd says:

    LOL india is not even in the list

  153. in battle and warfare experience do matter rather than equipment and technology. If we learn the war history, there are certain nations excel in war, they are israel (chosen nation), babylon (iraq), syria, china and of course great britain. america rises fast in special forces because they toy with other countries and invade them for fun. their experiences and coverage in war rise so fast in the last 40 years (vietnam and korea war) and now middle east and afganisthan.
    i would like to see how poor countries and nations train and breed their special forces without much funding and tech. at the end when CME,EMP strike the world, we all will go back to swords, shields, spear, all those traditional combat equipments. and dont forget in battle and warfare, instincts are way above anyhting. and instincts are derived from experience in battle.
    just saying bruh.
    war freak from indonesia

  154. Phil says:

    I think every one would like to think that there own country has the best special forces. I’d lie to think that England holds that title due to the fact that we get dragged into every other countries problems so we get the practice.

  155. leo says:

    British SAS are without doubt the best alongside the best army in the world and the best airforce and the best navy, although the government are trying their best to destroy that with cuts…the falklands war shows how good the SAS are and the British in general…sending a task force to the other side of the world to destroy a already dug in enemy with larger numbers…whilst the SAS and SBS where already there keeping an eye and blowing up airfields etc….2 weeks later argies surrender…although respect has to be given to the argentinian pilots who caused us a lot of damage and probably postponed the defeat by a week, then i think the ozzies should be second due to them being a carbon copy of the British

  156. savas says:

    Turkish Maroon Berets best of best hepsini s… Atar

  157. timbo says:

    Pakistani navy army and special operation force are the best in the world we proud them

  158. Shaheer says:

    Dear Authority, Please make list of best intelligence agencies. I hope you will think about it. Thanks .


    • Zeeshan Akhtar says:

      It was year2012, when commando forces from allthe world, together and put their performamce, to categorized to be supeeior, and history was made by Pakistani SSGs as NO one. All of you correct your record and go through from the history.

  160. Nabz says:

    I am proud to say, I am a British Pakistani and to see my country (UK) to be number 1 is the best feeling ever, and to see my mother land (Pakistan) in the top 10 too is good also. So I sm proud both ways.

  161. Mike says:

    No expert but I hear a lot of people talk about the Gurkhas with high regard? Are they a unit?

    • Some quotes about Gurkha says:

      “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.”

      “As I write these last words, my thoughts return to you who were my comrades, the stubborn and indomitable peasants of Nepal. Once more I hear the laughter with which you greeted every hardship. Once more I see you in your bivouacs or about your fires, on forced march or in the trenches, now shivering with wet and cold, now scorched by a pitiless and burning sun. Uncomplaining you endure hunger and thirst and wounds; and at the last your unwavering lines disappear into the smoke and wrath of battle. Bravest of the brave most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you.”

      • Some quotes about Gurkha says:

        but to answer your question, they are not really Special Forces. But they are mercenaries. used by several countries in this world. (UK, USA, India, brunei, indonesia and ofcourse Nepal and maybe some more countries i can’t think of atm) They are i think more comparible to the French Foreign Legion than to special forces on this website. Doesn’t mean you can’t think they are special which they are I think.

  162. Bob says:

    British SAS are the most elite special force in the world
    America has on more than one occasion used them for operations that require their unmatched skills and experience
    For example the rescue operation of the CIA operative that was captured in Afghanistan.

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