A list of top US bombers of WWII is not difficult to compile as the United States had an impressive number of aircraft during World War II and the bomber class was no exception.  Listed below in alphabetical order are some of the best bombers from this era.


A-26 Invader – This versatile light bomber was used in the European and Pacific theaters.  By 1945, in the European theater alone, it had flown a total of 11,567 missions and dropped 18,054 tons of bombs, losing only 67 aircraft.


B-17 Flying Fortress – Used throughout both the European and Pacific theaters, this aircraft was used extensively for long range, daylight bombing missions over Germany seeking to destroy industrial targets.  The B-17 was well armed and proved to be resistant to battle damage.  One of its most noted attributes is the use of the “then top secret” Norden bombsight.


B-29 Superfortress– Some refer to the B-29 as the definitive heavy bomber of World War II.  B-29s were used widely in bombing Japan.  The aircraft is most notably remembered as the aircraft that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


B-24 Liberator – This long-range, heavy bomber was used not only the by USAAF, but also the RAF and the US Navy.  The B-24 was also used in both the European and Pacific theaters.  Its range was superior even to the B-17.


B-25 Mitchell – This medium bomber was used successfully throughout all theaters in WWII.  The B25 was noted for being used by the “Doolittle Raiders” who demonstrated the Americans ability to reach and bomb Toyko from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.


SBD Dauntless – Used by the US Navy, the SBD Dauntless was an excellent scout / dive bomber, whose role was instrumental in winning the war in the Pacific theater.  The aircraft sank four Japanese attack carriers during the Battle of Midway.


TBF AvengerTBF Avenger – This aircraft is possibly the most successful carrier borne torpedo bomber of World War II.  Unlike its predecessors, the TBF Avenger carried its torpedoes in enclosed bomb bays with hydraulically operated doors which were controlled by the pilot or the bombardier.  The TBF Avenger was the heaviest single-engine aircraft of WWII.


While the United States produced a number of successful aircraft throughout World War II, the bombers listed above are among the top US bombers of this era.