The US Army Intelligence Support Activity, a top US special forces team, is often referred to as the ISA or Intelligence Support Activity.  This special operations unit’s main task is to collect criminal intelligence prior to the advancement of a mission deploying other United States special op forces.  They are highly involved with both Delta Force and DEVGRU and their counter-terrorist operations.


Field Operations Group (FOG)

Beginning in 1981, the group was officially known as USAISA – United States Army Intelligence Support Activity.  Up until that time, it was the Field Operations Group (FOG).  This group had only been active since the summer of 1980.  They were originally created to participate in the second attempt at rescuing the US hostages being held in the Tehran embassy.  Previous attempts magnified the lack of proper intelligence gathering.


FOG successfully gathered the necessary intelligence to launch a second attempt; however, it did not take place as necessary air assets were not available.  Even though the mission was never executed, the successful gathering of the much needed covert intelligence warranted the expansion of FOG.  In March of 1981, FOG became a permanent unit and officially renamed (as it is still known today) USAISA.


Screening and Training

Members for ISA are often chosen – after an arduous screening process - from United States Army Special Forces, in part, because of their specialized skills.  Once chosen, the candidate will undergo additional, intense training in areas such as deep reconnaissance and signals intelligence.  The ISA consists of both operational detachments and also support detachments.  Despite their success and involvement in the military, publicly, they remain largely unknown.


The motto for the United States Army Intelligence Support Activity is “Send Me” or “Truth Overcomes All Bonds”.