A USS Alabama model makes a nice addition to any WWII collection.  If you build or collect model ships the USS Alabama is one of the great ships of WWII.

It’s like stepping onto a Hollywood set right in the heart of the action as you enter the WWII Pearl Harbor Gallery at the Armed Forces History Museum, witnessing the large detailed scale models of the Japanese ships used in the filming of the world renowned movie Tora! Tora! Tora!   The impressive diorama displays the ships at sea with a 20 ft theater screen in the background showing original film footage from the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. 


About the USS Alabama

The Alabama was used in many facets of the War. The ship was commissioned in 1942 and was used in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans during WWII. In 1943 the Alabama and South Dakota were used to help British forces as the Royal Navy lacked the necessary many power to cover Northern Convoy routes.  In December the Alabama and five other ships were used to bombard the Nauru Island causing major damage to military shore installations.


These are just a few reasons why model makers love to build this unique Navy ship.  The warship comes in various scales and can be purchased as a plastic model or a pre-made die cast model. Both are great items and wonderful collectibles. The die cast models of the USS Alabama have become very popular over the past few years.    Some high-end models have moving parts as well as detailed features that make the Alabama come to life.  These models sell for $200-$300 depending on which scale is purchased. Display cases also make wonderful additions to any battleship to help protect it from any damage.


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