One of the best WWII models that any collector can buy is a USS Idaho model battleship.  USS Idaho models make great WWII collectibles.  When buying a USS Idaho model, one must first consider size and the level of difficulty of the model.

The USS Idaho (BB-42), a New Mexico-class battleship, was the fourth ship of the United States Navy. It was named after the 43rd state.  She conducted battle exercises in California waters and out of Pearl Harbor until October 1942.  As the American fleet destroyed Japanese carrier air power in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, Idaho protected the precious transport areas and reserve convoys.

These are just a few reasons why this battleship is so popular with model makers.   In uss-idaho-model-shipmany cases the scale of the model has a direct relationship to what the model sells for.  A choice of scale models of the Idaho provides collectors a wide variety of selections.


Die Cast USS Idaho (BB-42) Models

Die cast models have also turn out to be extremely popular over the years.  The durability of die cast Idaho models is second to none.   If you do not have time to build a USS Idaho (BB-42) model die cast versions make a great option.


Plastic USS Idaho Models

Plastic models are normally a great deal less expensive than die cast versions of the Idaho.  These models have been created by many different manufacturers, everyone with its own level of complexity.  Most levels are posted on top of the face of the packaged model.  If you are looking for an enjoyable battleship model to construct you will want to consider a plastic version of the USS Idaho.


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