A USS Nevada model is a great addition to any collection.  If you decide to buy a USS Nevada model you have many options and prices to choose from.  The USS Nevada served in both World Wars. During the last few months of World War I, the Nevada was based in Bantry Bay, Ireland, to protect the supply convoys that were sailing to and from Great Britain. In World War II, she was one of the battleships trapped when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. She was the only battleship to get underway during the attack, making the ship “the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal and depressing morning” for the United States.

This is only one of the reasons why this WWII battleship is so popular.   In many cases the scale of the model has a direct relationship to what the model sells for.  A range of scale models of the Nevada offers hobbyists a large assortment of selections.

Die Cast USS Nevada Models

Some of the most well-liked USS Nevada models are die cast versions.  The sturdiness of die cast Nevada models are second to none.   If you do not have time to build a USS Nevada model die cast versions make a wonderful option.

Plastic USS Nevada Models

Plastic models are ordinarily much less expensive than die cast versions of the Nevada.  These models have been created by many different companies, each one with its specific level of difficulty.  Most levels are posted on top of the front of the box model.  If you are searching for a fun battleship model to construct you will want to consider a plastic version of the USS Nevada.


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