A USS New York model is a great addition to any collection.  When buying a USS New York (BB-34) model, one must first consider size and the level of difficulty of the model. The USS New York brought her big guns to the invasion of North Africa during WWII. She provided gunfire support at Safi, Morocco on November 8, 1942. Despite impaired speed, she joined the Iwo Jima assault force in rehearsals at Saipan. During the next 3 days, she fired more rounds than any other ship present and made a spectacular direct 14 inch-hit on an enemy ammunition dump. These are only one of many reasons why this WWII battleship is so popular.  In most cases the larger the uss-new-york-model-shipscale the more money the model costs.  A variety of scale models of the New York gives collectors a wide variety of choices.


Die Cast USS New York Models

A few of the most well-liked USS New York models are die cast versions.  The strength of die cast New York (BB-34) models are second to none.  Die cast models are also ideal for individuals who do not have the time or expertise to construct a New York model battleship.


Plastic USS New York Models (BB-34)

Plastic models are generally much less expensive than die cast versions of the New York.  These models have been created by many different manufacturers, each with its particular level of difficulty.  Most levels are posted on top of the front of the packaged model.  If you are looking for a fun battleship model to construct you will want to consider a plastic version of the USS New York.


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