Spanning both WWI and WWII, the USS Pennsylvania makes a great scale model addition to any collection.  The USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) battleship was first laid down in October of 1913, then launched in March of 1915 and finally – with Captain Henry B. Wilson in command – commissioned on June 12, 1916.  Built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, the USS Pennsylvania never saw battle in World War I since it was a fuel burning ship.  During the war, tankers were not readily available to carry fuel to the British Isles so the USS Pennsylvania remained at her base – Yorktown – and held continual exercises in extensive battle training and maneuvers. 

After the end of WWI and before the onset of WWII, the USS Pennsylvania travelled throughout the world, including the South Pacific.  When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the USS Pennsylvania was in drydock at Pearl Harbor.   Her position allowed her to be one of the initial ships to open fire on the Japanese.  She would receive extensive damage during this attack losing a total of 29 men (15 killed and 14 missing in action) and the wounding of 38 others.

The story of the USS Pennsylvania does not end there.   She would undergo repairs and continue in service until being decommissioned in August of 1946. 

Scale Models

Models of battleships – such as the WWII USS Pennsylvania – are available in kits for assembly or can be purchased already assembled.   A couple of factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing any scale model.

1) The purchaser should first take note of the level of difficulty of the model itself.  Battleships require such detail and the level of difficulty can determine the length of time required for assembly and can also make or break the assembly experience itself.

2) If the purchaser – or collector – is seeking a model already assembled, research should be done in order to authenticate the scale and the precision at which the scale has been reproduced.  Note should also be made of the materials that are used in the craftsmanship of the model.

A model collection would not be complete without a scale model of the WWII USS Pennsylvania.


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