The Armed Forces History Museum has been nominated by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce as a candidate for their Good ‘Burger Award in the Arts and Cultural category.  (We are listed as The Armed Forces Military Museum.)  The Good ‘Burger is presented by the commerce to various businesses, organizations and individuals based on their positive impact in the community.  The award was named after past reference of locals who referred to St. Petersburg citizens as ‘burgers – short for St. Petersburgers.


The Good ‘Burger is a “People’s Choice” award, meaning we’ve been nominated, but in order to secure the title in the our category, we need your help!!!   Vote for the Armed Forces History Museum at between now and July 17th.    Your vote means on August 28, 2014, when they announce the People’s Choice for the 2014 Good ‘Burger Awards, the Armed Force History Museum in Largo, FL will have the honor of hearing their name announced as the best in the Arts & Cultural category.  It only takes a moment to vote and be heard.


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