german villageThe World War II German Village Exhibit at the Armed Forces History Museum is intended for historical presentation only.   As visitors enter this area, they can hear the French call out as gun fire erupts.  The first exhibit in this area is a detailed diorama of a German soldier with a WWII German Gebirgskanone along with two German ammo wagons.  The attention to detail throughout the museum is visible here as well.  Inside the German Farm house a number of items can be viewed through the window such as a battery field phone and a gas mask canister along with two German soldiers defending their station.


Mauss Sword and Diamonds


The German Village also includes an alcove with several displays cases filled with authentic German memorabilia.  Most impressive are the items and uniforms of General Karl Maus, one of Germany’s most distinguished tank commanders.  His personal ditty bag and valet case are also on display.  A number of awards and decorations of Maus’ are part of this case, including an incredibly rare Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds award – one of only 27 issued by Adolf Hitler.


German Village WS


Other display cases in this area house an infant gas protector – an item hard to fathom as a necessary part of daily life during World War II – a Panzer tank periscope, a WWII German Pitch Helmet and a number of German weapons including a KAR98K 7.92 Carbine with bayonet and a GEW Model 98 7.92 rifle also with a bayonet.  These are just a few of the many unique and rare German items included in the German Village Exhibit.


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