The Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL features a selection of military vehicle models, including a WWII M16 halftrack. These models can also be purchased through the museum’s on-line store by clicking on the appropriate link(s) below.

1) World War II DUKW
2) WWII M3 Scout Car
3) WWII M8 Greyhound Armored Car
4) M16 Halftrack

Many collectors enjoy collecting scale models of WWII military halftracks and vehicles. Scale models of these World War II vehicles are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Scale models are produced by a number of manufacturers and several considerations should be taken into account when choosing a scale model. When researching scale models of WWII and Military Halftracks and Vehicles, one should not only take note of both the size and the material, but should also be careful to note the skill level. This provides you with information about the difficulty involved when assembling the scale model and will enhance your experience when assembling your purchase.

The above is but a small sample of the many WWII and military halftrack and vehicle scale models on the market today. Since the dawn of the automobile, the military has continued to expand on their vehicles to cover various terrains and operate efficiently under adverse conditions. All these variations and improvements add to the many styles and varieties of halftracks and other vehicles scale models that are currently available. With such a variety, WWII and military halftracks and military vehicles have become popular among scale model collectors.


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