WWII battleship models have always been popular with collectors. At the beginning of WWII battleships were a key element for the Allied Forces. Having the most powerful and fastest battleships was considered all important. There were various classes of battleships used in the war each with its own strength and weakness. Model makers have produced some of the finest battleships in various scales that have the realism of the original warships. These are just a few reasons why WWII battleship models have been popular over the years. Here is a list of some of the greatest battleship models of all-time.

It’s like stepping onto a Hollywood set right in the heart of the action as you enter the WWII Pearl Harbor Gallery at AFHM, witnessing the large detailed scale models of the Japanese ships used in the filming of the world renowned movie Tora! Tora! Tora!   The impressive diorama displays the ships at sea with a 20 ft theater screen in the background showing original film footage from the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. 


Most of the these models are produced as plastic models and some as die cast replicas.  Depending on your expertise or preference there is a model available for you.


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