The Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, FL features a gallery dedicated to World War II.  The World War II exhibits (some interactive) include a wide array of memorabilia including a full-sized fully operational DUKW, WWII film footage, tanks, medals, uniforms and other pertinent items that allow a museum visitor to get a comprehensive idea of the military involvement during that time period.  Areas in the museum reflecting World War II include:

Pearl Harbor
US Naval Gallery
USMC in the South Pacific
D-Day Landing at Utah Beach
French Village/St. Mere Eglise
German Outpost and Farmhouse
Communications Headquarters

Beginning in 1939, World War II eventually evolved into a global conflict.  The war involved all the great powers of the world and a majority of its nations.  The conflict was divided into two opposing sides – the Allies and the Axis.  An astonishing number of military personnel were involved in what has been the deadliest and the most widespread war in history.

During this time, most of the countries involved devoted their resources - from economic to scientific –
to the war.  World War II also encompassed various home fronts throughout Europe, south-east Asia, China, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Pacific and Atlantic and even North America.

The victory of the Allies in World War II resulted in the disbanding of the Third Reich and the creation of the United Nations.