There are over 100 WWII model aircraft and various other model aircrafts beginning with WWI continuing through the modern military aircrafts of present day. Models for these aircrafts have been created by various model manufacturers. All of these WWI, WWII, and modern military planes have been produced with amazing attention to detail. Each plane is unique and much like the originals used during the war. These model planes range from fighter planes to transport aircraft. Various scales or sizes are available and prices vary based on the specific model of your choice. Here is a list that our readers have compiled of their facorite WWI, WWII, post WWII and modern military model planes.

WWI Airplane Models

WWII U.S. Bombers Models


WWII U.S. Fighter Plane Models

Additional WWII Aircraft Models

Post WWII Aircrafts

Modern Day Military Aircraft

These are just a few of the favorites that we have listed. For additional WWI model planes you can also view the list that we have compiled. All of these model planes have been produced in various sizes and scales. Make sure you take the time and search for the perfect WWI, WWII, post WWII, or modern military plane of your choice.


3 Responses to Model Aircrafts

  1. William Sherman says:

    I have over 500 vintage blueprints and blue print drawings of WWI & WWII model airplanes and also some vintage glossy photos of WWII planes I would like to sell. Are you interested? I can e-mail photos.

    • alon2392 says:

      I will forward your request to our President and respond to you privately. Thank you for visiting our web-site.

    • alon2392 says:

      William: I have received a response. We thank you again for contacting us, at this time, our museum’s current policy does not allow for purchasing memorabilia. Should you elect to donate the items in the future, we wil be happy to issue a donation letter that perhaps will serve as a tax deduction. Thanks again for your interest in our museum.

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